2019 sustainability campaign

Sustainability is in our organization’s DNA

At ROCKWOOL, we don’t have a separate sustainability strategy, we have one business strategy where sustainability is an integrated part because sustainability is a prerequisite for commercial success, and we take it very seriously. It starts with our purpose, releasing the natural power of stone to enrich modern living, which is embedded in our organization.

Our employees are a critical component of that story – supporting our sustainability mission every day and driving progress towards several of our global goals. In June of 2018 and again this year, we launched the iRockGlobalGoals campaign across our worldwide operations.

From offices to factories around the world, employees were encouraged to share and submit their ideas on how they are contributing to supporting the company’s global sustainability goals.

Our approach to solving the climate problem is to make energy-efficient materials that reduce emissions and can be used in everything from large-scale industrial buildings to carbon-neutral, “passive house” structures.

Today, buildings account for 30 percent of the world’s energy consumption, and 28 percent of carbon emissions. The International Energy Administration estimates that the entire existing building stock must be renovated by 2050 to become low-energy buildings.

What we know is that in most cases, properly-installed insulation can cut a building’s energy need for heating or cooling significantly, meaning that energy-efficiency renovations/retrofits are among the most cost-effective ways to reduce carbon emissions. ROCKWOOL has a solution. In addition to confirmation from a third-party study conducted by Ecofys on the energy-efficiency and climate change benefits of our building insulation products, consider that the building insulation we sold in 2019 will save, over the lifetime of its use, 100 times the carbon emitted in its production.

Our product portfolio is well placed to tackle many of today’s biggest sustainability challenges, and we offer carefully designed, innovative solutions that benefit both the indoor and outdoor environment. As the world’s leading stone wool manufacturer, for more than 80 years we have been providing safe, sustainable products that leave a positive impact on society and address many of our global sustainability challenges.