Kulturhuset Valhalsgade (Osramhuset) in Copenhagen, Denmark cladded with Rockpanel Chameleon facade cladding

Cladded Façade Insulation

Cladding façade systems – incorporating effective insulation together with external cladding – are a key tool to ensure a building prevents as much energy loss as possible.

The use of stone wool insulation also enhances protection against fire damage and outside noise.

Consisting of a multi-layer solution which ends with a ‘second skin’, these systems are created using cladding products, insulation slabs, and the creation of an air gap that can be ventilated or not.

Vertical external cladding acts as a filter – and physical border – between the building envelope and the outdoor environment. Facade cladding is not only used to protect a building against environmental conditions, but also to determine its appearance.

This ‘second skin’ creates a channel over the external wall which allows air to travel through the cavity and keep the two layers in good condition.

Covering both ventilated façade and curtain wall applications, these systems protect buildings from the elements, and increase the aesthetics of buildings in need of a ‘makeover’ too.

External façade cladding systems which utilise proper insulation materials also promote energy efficiency – an important part of new build performance, or upgrades to an existing structure.

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Why do we need cladded façade?

The benefits of a cladded façade for new and existing builds is a matter of function as well as form. With a wide range of styles available, designers and other stakeholders can settle on a material that’s not only affordable but also aesthetically pleasing.

Choosing the right products can help a structure conform to the highest fire safety standards.

ROCKWOOL systems also help ‘keep a lid’ on energy use, so to speak. By offering consistent performance all year round, properly installed facades insulated with our products minimize the need for additional cooling inside the building during hotter weather.

With ROCKWOOL insulation installed, they improve:

  • Acoustic properties
  • Aesthetics
  • Fire safety standards
  • Energy efficiency

Calculator and savings

When installed effectively, insulation can reduce a building’s heating needs by up to 70 percent1. ROCKWOOL products can help you make significant savings in the long run by encouraging you to invest in an all-round insulation solution.


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Most of our façade products are made using innovative Dual Density technology. The slabs are easy to install and extremely durable.

Erica Bazzini

Global Product Manager, ROCKWOOL Group

Sustainability and energy efficiency

ROCKWOOL products are designed with energy efficiency and sustainability at their heart. Our products can contribute to achieving the highest level of certification.

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Local support

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