Hotel Breeze, cavity, ventilated facade, high rise building, PV panels

Ventilated Façade

First explored and tested in the early 20th century in Europe, this ‘second skin’ for structures creates a chimney effect, which contributes to elimination of moisture and regulation of heat – that can otherwise affect the building in hot weather.

These solutions can be used to improve performance of both new and existing buildings.

Read on to learn more about these solutions – popular among architects and contractors for their high quality, aesthetic possibilities and numerous advantages.

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Why do we need ventilated facades?

A ventilated façade system as a whole protects against adverse weather conditions.

As the façade is generally the largest surface area of a building, it’s important to consider the relationship between the internal and external environment – and properly insulate the façade to improve heat regulation.

Among other benefits, systems also help to prevent:

  • Water damage
  • Risk of mould
  • Structural damage

With ‘open-joint’ solutions, rainwater that gets into the exterior barrier of the rainscreen drains through the air gap. This protects the inner layer of insulation from excess moisture.

Calculator and savings

Installing these solutions can boost buildings’ indoor thermal comfort when you choose ROCKWOOL stone wool.

With cooling systems used less, property owners and tenants can also save on energy costs.

Designers have more freedom to build using our materials.

Hotel Breeze, cavity, ventilated facade, high rise building, PV panels
The natural ventilation in the air gap and our stone wool insulation contribute to shifting the heat wave in warmer climate country and maintain the ambient temperature inside the building. A continuous insulation layer on the building envelope helps enhance indoor thermal comfort.

Erica Bazzini

Global Product Manager, ROCKWOOL Group

Case studies

See how ROCKWOOL release the natural power of stone to enrich modern living.

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Sustainability and energy efficiency

We are committed to the safe and sustainable use of materials in the construction industry.1 Our insulation uses one of earth’s most abundant and sustainable resources – stone – to develop innovative solutions for everything we build.

To support sustainable choices, we provide Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) in more than 20 markets for many of our products. All our ventilated façade products in Europe are certified according to European harmonised standard EN13162.

Hotel Breeze, cavity, ventilated facade, high rise building, PV panels

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