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Fire Duct System

In order to control the smoke generated in the fire, the use of effective smoke control facilities is very important.

The smoke control duct can prevent the smoke from entering the smoke control parts, such as the smoke-proof stairwell and others, to protect the personnel from the smoke.

Through the smoke exhaust duct, the smoke from the evacuation corridor or the basement, garage and other places is discharged to the outside, creating conditions for personnel evacuation.

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Why do we need fire duct system?

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), around 180,000 deaths each year are caused by fires1. Many of these occur within the workplace and homes.

A large amount of smoke will be generated in the fire, and the temperature of these smoke can reach above 800°C. In the meanwhile, the smoke contains carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen fluoride, hydrogen chloride and other toxic and harmful components, which are extremely harmful to the human body and cause a high fatality rate. The shading effect of the smoke reduces the visibility, greatly affects evacuation and rescue activities, and is the most important factor causing casualties in the fire.

The high temperature and toxic smokes require high-end, special solutions to protect the people inside these buildings.

ROCKWOOL fire ducts help minimize this risk and protect people's lives and property.

Calculator and savings

The number and layout of the required smoke control and exhaust duct systems should meet the requirements of "Technical Standard for Smoke Management Systems in Buildings" GB 51251 to improve the fire safety of the buildings.

In addition, ROCKWOOL's duct system solutions are made of stone wool, which can reduce heat transfer when fire ducts are shared with HVAC ducts. This increases the energy efficiency needed to maintain the optimum temperature of hot and cold air supply around the building, reducing energy demand and saving money.

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We have developed a range of fire safe solutions, specifically engineered to ensure maximum safety and minimise the risk of fire spread. Large scale fire tests at an accredited fire laboratory ensure optimal fire safety level.

Rob Kooiker

ROCKWOOL Group Product Manager

Sustainability and energy efficiency

All of our fire duct insulation products are made from stone wool, which can be infinitely recycled. It’s highly sustainable and can be easily removed from a building when it is renovated or demolished, to be used again5.

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