Maintaining the environment for residents

For ROCKWOOL, building and operating a production facility is a long-term commitment to a partnership with the community.

We are doing our due diligence by investing in technologies that will help to minimize any impact on noise and visibility, in addition to working with local transportation officials to reduce traffic during peak periods.

Health and safety practices

Besides delivering solutions that protect our customers, ROCKWOOL is also committed to providing a safe, fair, and engaging workplace for our employees. We have developed a culture that puts the safety of our colleagues first, including requiring all personnel to wear standard Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Specific areas of the industrial facility require hearing protection, and some tasks may require additional safety gear that we provide.

Our indoor air quality does not require employees to wear respirators or dust masks in their regular duties. Specific tasks requiring confined space entry are subject to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations and appropriate PPE is provided and used as required along with ensuring regular inspections of all company equipment.

Prepared in the event of an emergency

At ROCKWOOL, we take all available precautions to prevent an emergency. As part of our emergency preparedness planning, we have conducted a risk assessment that includes risks associated with fire, explosion, and spills. This detailed risk assessment has concluded that no event on-site will cause any evacuation situation for schools and neighbors.

RW-Doense Production facility, Factory



At ROCKWOOL, sustainable development is the core part of the development strategy. Our solution to climate challenge is to produce stone wool products that can be used in construction and industrial equipment to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.


factory operations and production

ROCKWOOL has more than 80 years of stone wool production experience, with the most advanced technology and management experience in stone wool production. The daily operations of ROCKWOOL factory give priority to the safety of employees and the health and well-being of local community residents.


Respect local environment

At ROCKWOOL, we have an unbreakable commitment to meet and exceed the environmental protection standards set by governments and regulators wherever we operate globally.


job opportunities

We are a market-leading global company with a proud 80-year history of creating well-paying jobs and being recognized as a top employer.



For ROCKWOOL, building a factory is a major long-term investment. ROCKWOOL's business development in China has a history of more than ten years. We focus on fostering open and lasting relationships with the local area and have a meaningful impact in every community we work.