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Press Release
09 Dec 2022

Another new plant of ROCKWOOL China starts production.

A brand-new ROCKWOOL plant has put into operation in Qingyuan, Guangdong Province, China on Dec. 9th, 2022.

20180705 GMC PHO 967
Press Release
28 Mar 2022

Price communication letter

The prices of all series of ROCKWOOL products sold in Greater China will be adjusted upward by 10% starting from April 1st, 2022

Press Release
14 Feb 2022

ROCKWOOL Sustainability Report 2021

ROCKWOOL Group’s published Sustainability Report for 2021

Press Release
10 Feb 2022

ROCKWOOL Group released 2021 annual report

ROCKWOOL achieved good sales growth in almost all markets, driven globally by high construction activity.

20210303 RW-GMC PHO 1418
Press Release
16 Nov 2021

ROCKWOOL participated in the 26th UN Climate Change Conference

Building carbon emissions were the largest source of global carbon emissions, accounting for 28%. So building energy conservation was essential to achieving the global climate goals.

20190607 RW-CEE PHO 190
Press Release
25 Oct 2021

ROCKWOOL China obtained Clean Air Gold certification

ROCKWOOL China ThermalRock ECO product has passed the strict testing of Intertek Clean Air certification on volatile organic compounds (VOC)

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