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Fire Stopping

Suppressing the spread of fire throughout a building is of vital importance in devising a fire safety strategy. ROCKWOOL fire stopping products are designed to get down to the details, covering every joint, imperfection and opening that could otherwise potentially allow the passage of fire and smoke.

In combination with the excellent passive protection offered by fire resilient stone wool, our product range covers nearly all bases.

Find out how ROCKWOOL solutions can protect occupants in your building – and neighbouring constructions – today.

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Why do we need fire stopping solutions?

A typical building contains a much larger number of combustible products than 50 years ago, including plastics. Modern building fires have also been shown to develop at a rate of five to 10 times faster than before1.

In addition, HVAC ducts, pipes and other fixtures tend to pass through the solid elements of a building, creating voids through which toxic and lethal fumes and flames can spread, if not properly protected.

Our firestop insulation and specialised products can be used to close the gaps where fire and excess heat could potentially pass to other areas. They are designed to prevent the spread of fire and toxic and lethal smoke around the building, as well as to neighbouring structures.

ROCKWOOL fire stopping products are:

  • Tested to the highest fire safety standards
  • Durable and easy to install
  • Specifically developed for each purpose

Calculator and savings

Depending on the size of the build or renovation, you’ll require different amounts of products such as sealants and pipe fittings, as well as insulation boards and slabs.

Contact ROCKWOOL to get an idea of how much of each product you’ll need to ensure your project is fully fire-safe.



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Any structure, building segment or service unit insulated with ROCKWOOL fire stopping solutions will protect this segment as a proper fire barrier.

Rob Kooiker

ROCKWOOL Group Product Manager

Sustainability and energy efficiency

In addition to their fire safety properties, all our insulation products are also designed to maximise the energy efficiency of a build.

When correctly installed, ROCKWOOL stone wool products retain the same levels of performance in fire resistance throughout the lifespan of the building, cutting down on material wastage and costs3.

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Local support

Would like to know more? get ROCKWOOL local support.

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