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Floor Insulation

Installing floor insulation can improve energy efficiency – and reduce unwanted noise levels from spaces above by up to eight times.1

Our products has an impressive thermal performance that prevents heat escaping through floor and ceiling spaces.

Discover how ROCKWOOL insulation for floors can be applied to several floor applications, from intermediate and floating floors.




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Why do we need floor insulation?

Floors in buildings are magnets for sound and heat to travel through. This can cause long-term issues for tenants and owners, such as nuisance noise, high energy bills, and warmer living conditions.

These problems are becoming ever more common. By 2050, it is expected that more than 50% of the world’s population will be living in cities – a prime location for noise disturbance.

Correctly insulating floors below, in-between, or on top of, wooden, metal or concrete constructions can help to overcome these obstacles.

Optimum insulation can help to:

  • Block out unwanted noise
  • Reduce thermal transmission through floors
  • Improve a building’s energy efficiency

Premium ROCKWOOL stone wool floor insulation does this over the lifespan of a building – without deteriorating in performance.

For wooden floors meanwhile, the non-combustible properties of our stone wool product range help to increase fire safety levels.5

Calculator and savings

To work out how much insulation you will need, measure the length and width of your floor space to calculate the area’s m² value. You may want to order slightly more to allow for some excess.

When fitting in-between joists, make sure you select the proper width as this might affect the amount of product you want to purchase.

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Our floor applications range from thermal products that reduce energy bills, to acoustic products that substantially reduce sound going through a floor. All are designed to help you stay comfortable and safe.

Roger Peeters

Global Product Manager, ROCKWOOL Group

Case studies

See how ROCKWOOL release the natural power of stone to enrich modern living.

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Not only will ROCKWOOL sound insulation deliver outstanding acoustic benefits to stop noise transfer in its tracks, it will also reassure residents that their homes are thermally efficient and fire-safe.

Norman Fada

Project Director at Keywest 3
Once installed, ROCKWOOL products can achieve optimal performance. They meet, as well as go above and beyond, building requirements.

Roger Peeters

Global Product Manager, ROCKWOOL Group

Sustainability and energy efficiency

We aim to create sustainable, natural and cost-effective insulation solutions that enrich the lives of people using them.

ROCKWOOL floor insulation products are created in an innovative way. Using raw and upcycled materials11, we have developed an energy-efficient range that has minimal impact on the environment during production.

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Local support

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