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Dong'Anhu sport center,
Public Buildings
25 Jun 2021

Chengdu Dong'Anhu Sport centre

ROCKWOOLstonewool helps build energy-saving, safe and comfortable modern public facilities

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Public - Schools / Universities
Midtown;CBD;Modern commercial buildings;Skyscraper
Commercial Buildings
24 Aug 2020

SF Innovation Center

SF Innovation Center attaches great importance to the fire protection and thermal insulation performance of buildings. ROCKWOOL product provides a high-level fire barrier, effectively reduce building energy consumption. Reduce operating costs and enable people to work and live in a safe and healthy environment.

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power plant
Process plants (ITI)
20 Aug 2020

Dunhuang 100MW molten salt tower

Shouhang Energy-saving Dunhuang 100MW molten salt tower CSP station is in the southwest area of Dunhuang Optoelectronics Industrial Park. It is independently designed, invested and constructed by Beijing Shouhang Energy-saving. It is currently the world's highest molten salt tower CSP station.

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Biulding, firesafe
Commercial Buildings
20 Aug 2020

Dongguan International Trade Center

Dongguan International Trade Center is the largest commercial complex , The project designer and owner attach great importance to the fire safety, energy saving and environmental protection of the building, and are committed to building it into a safe, comfortable and low-carbon commercial giant city. So that is why ROCKWOOL was chosen.

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Hospital, hallway, healthcare,  shutterstock_352316315
Public Buildings
09 Nov 2018


The project site is located in Yingkou, Liaoning Province, where the monsoon marine climate is located. The long-term effects of wind loads have many adverse effects on the insulation layer: the insulation layer is easily bent and deformed under the action of wind pressure. The project finally uses ROCKWOOL stone wool to have higher tensile strength and thermal conductivity. FacadeRock DD Plus exterior insulation orientation with lower coefficient, lower overall bulk density, high bonding strength with plastering paste, and convenient construction岩棉板。

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