We are hiring locally and investing

We will hire and build up the team members according to project timeline. We continue to ramp up our local team with recruitment for technicians, management, and other leadership roles.

ROCKWOOL aims to "Release the natural power of stone to enrich modern living” At ROCKWOOL, you are more than just an employee. We want you to be a talented, passionate and ambitious person. We treat you as our greatest asset.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At ROCKWOOL, corporate social responsibility is an integral part of who we are. Our facility in Qingyuan is part of an organization where corporate social responsibility starts at the top and involves everyone. While our products help improve people’s living conditions by giving them thermal and acoustic comfort as well as increased fire resilience, we also have a continued focus on our social responsibility.

We aim to be a responsible corporate citizen within each of our local communities and the global environment. This is a commitment that began at ROCKWOOL in the 1950s, well before corporate social responsibility became fashionable. Today, this commitment is at the heart of who we are and our values as an organization.