New local employment

ROCKWOOL Qingyuan new factory represents 488 million RMB of investments on production facilities to the local area, including hundres of job positions for production and management jobs. A big portion of those positions are expected to be filled by local residents.

New opportunities for local businesses

Around 90 percent of our business is local meaning that we produce close to our customers and we are dedicated to building supplier relationships and sourcing products and services from local supply.

This includes opportunities for full-time and seasonal contracts that will be provided across areas such as catering and food services, cleaning, landscaping, maintenance and trade services, and waste removal, among other areas.

Maintaining open and honest communications

For ROCKWOOL, building factories is a major long-term investment. With a 10-year history in China, we’ve made a meaningful impact in each of the communities in which we operate by focusing on nurturing open, lasting relationships with our neighbors.

At all times, we look to engage in constructive, open-minded and transparent ways with the people in the community. From the beginning, we have worked to ensure that neighbors were informed about the development project, which included a broad communications outreach program.

Our focus on transparency is also why we built this comprehensive ROCKWOOL Qingyuan new factory website to provide information about the facility including environmental and health information. We will also hold a number of community events where local residents to encourage residents to ask us questions in person.



At ROCKWOOL, sustainable development is the core part of the development strategy. Our solution to climate challenge is to produce stone wool products that can be used in construction and industrial equipment to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.


factory operations and production

ROCKWOOL has more than 80 years of stone wool production experience, with the most advanced technology and management experience in stone wool production. The daily operations of ROCKWOOL factory give priority to the safety of employees and the health and well-being of local community residents.


Respect local environment

At ROCKWOOL, we have an unbreakable commitment to meet and exceed the environmental protection standards set by governments and regulators wherever we operate globally.


job opportunities

We are a market-leading global company with a proud 80-year history of creating well-paying jobs and being recognized as a top employer.



For ROCKWOOL, building a factory is a major long-term investment. ROCKWOOL's business development in China has a history of more than ten years. We focus on fostering open and lasting relationships with the local area and have a meaningful impact in every community we work.