Creating impact

In 2021 we fulfilled two intermediate sustainability goals one year early. This is on top of the two intermediate goals we fulfilled in 2020. We improved the CO2 intensity of our factories by 16 percent and offered the Rockcycle® reclaimed materials service to our customers in a total of 17 countries.

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We took important measures to decarbonise several of our factories, the impact of which will kick-in in the coming years, ensuring we are on track to meet our science-based absolute emission reduction targets while continuing to significantly increase production volumes. In addition to converting our Danish factories to certified climate-neutral biogas in January 2021, we opened our new factory in Jefferson County, West Virginia, using natural gas instead of coal. We also converted one of our production lines at the Cigacice, Poland factory from coal to natural gas.

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Leading by example

We continue to progress on our energy efficiency in owned offices goal, completing the renovation of five buildings during 2021. One of these buildings was DEUTSCHE ROCKWOOL’s head office in Gladbeck. ROCKWOOL employees in Germany now occupy a fully renovated building, which has become brighter, quieter, more modern and significantly more energy-efficient. The building renovation has also been recognised by the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) by awarding the building with a Gold certificate, which is very difficult to obtain for a renovation project. The project reduced the office's primary energy demand by 84 percent and 1.8kt CO2 emissions.

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Enhanced acoustics

Students benefited from better learning environments with Rockfon acoustic solutions in 2021

Water saved

million litres of water saved by greenhouse growing products sold in 2021

Employment created

Jobs created at our stone wool-producing facilities and with suppliers in 2021

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Michael Zarin, Vice President, Group Communications

Michael Zarin

Vice President, Group Communications, Denmark