Inspiring building design, as well as saving valuable time, the ROCKWOOL Interactive City allows specifiers, contractors and building owners to explore how ROCKWOOL solutions can be used across the whole of the built environment in a single state-of-the-art 3D space.

Intuitively designed using cutting edge augmented reality, the ROCKWOOL Interactive City takes visualising, specifying and learning about our stone wool insulation to the next level, supporting stakeholder buy-in and smoother decision making.


Visit the ROCKWOOL Interactive City

Discover the city…your way

Just like any urban environment, the ROCKWOOL Interactive City comprises housing, commercial buildings, schools, healthcare settings and transportation hubs all waiting to be explored. 

This means, whether you’re wanting to improve patient outcomes, increase educational attainment or construct homes that are warmer, safer, quieter and in turn, more saleable, you can find out how our solutions can help in the ROCKWOOL Interactive City.

Discover the ROCKWOOL Interactive City

Flexibility built-in

The ROCKWOOL Interactive City has also been designed with flexibility in mind, meaning you can use it your way.

Want to understand the benefits of non-combustible stone wool in terms of thermal, acoustic and fire performance? Or explore how our insulation can be used across a wide range of facades and applications in multiple building types? Choose to browse and discover by moving up, in, down and around your selected building.

Data Rich

The ROCKWOOL Interactive City has been developed to help specifiers, contractors and building owners achieve the all-important golden thread of construction data. 

Each 3D application provides a complete package of suitable ROCKWOOL solutions, with quick links to product documentation, installations guides and BIM objects that can be downloaded for use offline or integrated into construction modelling software.

A virtual experience for today’s world  

Simulating real-world products in the virtual environment, the ROCKWOOL Interactive City is an advanced construction product specification tool.

Via the City, it’s easy to see the breadth of ROCKWOOL insulation solutions available spanning walls, floors, roofs and HVAC and understand where our non-combustible products can enhance thermal, acoustic or fire performance in applications you might not expect.

Through features like zoom, 360º views, pan-able application build-ups and detail shots, our Interactive City is the ideal way to make specification decisions when it’s not possible to touch, see or hear our products. This helps project stakeholders experience solutions in context, making decisions smoother, quicker and more collaborative.

How-to: Explore the city

Step #1 - Navigating the city:

Use the handy left-hand menu to jump straight to the application you need...


When entering the ROCKWOOL Interactive City, you’ll start at the cityscape. From here you can select the sector or building type that matters to you.

Step #2 - Explore the building:

You’ll then be taken to a close-up scene where you can explore a full 360º view of your chosen setting.

Interactive City

Step #3 - Browse the applications: 

Wherever you are in the Interactive City, you’ll find ROCKWOOL product applications indicated via a red chevron. With a simple click, you’ll be transported to a 3D view of the application that can be panned, zoomed and rotated for a virtual hands-on experience.

Step #4 - Discover the ROCKWOOL solution:

From this application view, you can explore a variety of substrate build-ups and system designs, or choose to dive deeper into specific products, reviewing their features and benefits, and helping you select the solution that’s right for your project. 

Interactive City