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Marine & Offshore Insulation

Marine insulation from the ROCKWOOL SeaRox range is designed to improve fire safety, indoor climate and sound protection in the marine and offshore industry.

Our solutions are suitable for multiple applications. This includes on-board cruise liners, passenger ships and merchant vessels, as well as offshore units, such as oil rigs and wind farms.

Products range from lightweight slabs and flexible mats, to high density, rigid slabs – delivered with a wide range of alternative facings.

Discover how our marine and offshore solutions can help lower energy consumption and costs, increase productivity and ensure fire safety – protecting crew and passengers.

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Why do we need marine and offshore insulation?

Cruise liners, passenger ships, freight ships, oil rigs and other offshore working environments need to be safe. Marine insulation helps make that possible.

For both passengers and crew located on ships and offshore platforms, securing the highest level of fire safety is crucial. A blaze could break out in a machinery space or in the process area and may have fatal consequences for those on board, or stationed there.

Choosing insulation that has been tested against the latest safety standards and approved for that application can lower this hazard, providing a safer place to work and live.

Likewise, those travelling on the sea may be exposed to loud noise levels from the elements outside, or from engines that are operating.

Ship insulation products subdue these noise levels when they are installed, making the experience of travelling a much more pleasurable experience.

Our insulation is also used to regulate temperature, by trapping heat in its stone wool fibres. This makes life on-board or offshore more comfortable and enjoyable. Plus, it can help reduce excess energy consumption – saving money for operators.

Calculator and savings

The amount of insulation needed for an application will depend on the size and type of ship or offshore construction.

For standard merchant ships like containers, which have a limited number of people on-board, the use of insulation is limited.

Commercial cruise liners meanwhile, with more than 5,000 passengers and crew on board, will require a greater amount of  insulation to protect the people travelling.

Marine and offshore insulation is typically split into different applications, such as insulation for fire safety. This will also affect how much insulation will be needed for a project.

Use our ROCKWOOL U-value calculator to determine the thermal performance of the building’s walls/roofs, and possible cost savings. For more details on technical specifications, visit our ROCKSPEC Specification Toolkit.

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We use the natural power of stone to develop insulation solutions for industries on land and at sea. We have one goal in mind: to make our customers’ operations safe for people, better for the environment and best for their business.

John Mogensen

Managing Director, ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation

Case studies

The challenge6

The Harmony of the Seas is one of the largest cruise ships that has ever been built. With a capacity of 5,479 guests – alongside the crew – comfort and safety for those on-board is essential. As such, the fire safety, acoustic and thermal standards of the vessel needed to be second to none.

The solution

We were chosen to be a part of this monumental project, supplying ship insulation that covered the core structure of the vessel, as well as interior cabin ceilings and walls. Overall, 1,800 tonnes of ROCKWOOL SeaRox products were installed in the Harmony of the Seas.

The results

This luxury cruise liner is now 20 percent more energy efficient than similar ships. Fire safety has also drastically improved, with non-combustible stone wool insulation raising standards. Steadier temperature levels are now possible, with the ship being protected from the sometimes bracing conditions outside.

Harmony of the Seas, Fire resilience
The fire safe qualities of the insulation make the ship a safer place for crew members and guests, while the acoustic and thermal benefits create a more comfortable and relaxing environment.

Daniela Ferrari

ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation Sales Manager

Sustainability and energy efficiency

At ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation we are committed to creating sustainable products that help our planet.

The insulation we sold in 2019 will collectively save one billion tonnes of CO² - thanks to thermal performance that regulates temperatures and reduces the need for excess heating7.

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Financial support

Government grants may be available for constructors and operators who install insulation in marine and offshore applications. Please get in touch with our offices for more information.

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