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Fire Rated Ductwork

Ductwork runs throughout many large buildings, delivering and removing both hot and cold air to maintain a comfortable climate for occupants. Unfortunately, these vital networks also offer the perfect pathway for a fire.

Fire rated ductwork improves the safe operation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems by minimising the chance of fire spread.

Effective fire resilient insulation acts as a barrier between ducts, to slow down or prevent the passage of flames and smoke around the building.

Discover how ROCKWOOL products can increase the safety and efficiency of residential, commercial and leisure constructions.

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Why do we need fire rated ductwork?

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), around 180,000 deaths each year are caused by fires1. Many of these occur within the workplace and homes.

Large residential and commercial properties often use HVAC systems to create a comfortable indoor environment. In order to keep spaces cool or warm, ductwork passes every room between the walls and floors.

These ducts, however, can quickly spread fire if one should break out, transmitting hot gases and toxic smoke around the building. During such a fire, the temperature in the duct can be up to 800°C and beyond. This huge temperature raise requires high-end, specialised insulation solutions to protect the people inside these buildings.

ROCKWOOL fire rated duct products can help minimise the risk this poses, and protect lives.

Calculator and savings

The amount of fire rated duct insulation required will depend on the size of the building’s network, and the shape of the ducts themselves.

The primary purpose is to improve the fire safety of constructions. However, ROCKWOOL’s ductwork solutions are made from stone wool, which introduces the additional benefit of reducing thermal transmission.

This improves the energy efficiency needed to keep hot and cold air at their optimum temperatures when transported around a building – reducing energy requirements and leading to financial savings.

Use our ROCKWOOL U-value calculator to determine the thermal performance of the building's walls and possible cost savings. For more details on technical specifications, visit our ROCKSPEC Specification Toolkit.

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We have developed a range of fire safe solutions, specifically engineered to ensure maximum safety and minimise the risk of fire spread. Large scale fire tests at an accredited fire laboratory ensure optimal fire safety levels up to 120 minutes.

Rob Kooiker

ROCKWOOL Group Product Manager

Sustainability and energy efficiency

All of our fire rated duct insulation products are made from stone wool, which can be infinitely recycled. It’s highly sustainable and can be easily removed from a building when it is renovated or demolished, to be used again5.

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Financial support

There may be local schemes and incentives in your country to support the installation of fire safety products. Contact your local office for more information.

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