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Urbanisation presents many challenges in terms of people’s general health and wellbeing, safety, and overall quality of life. If new and existing buildings are made more energy efficient, we can make cities healthier, safer, and more sustainable.

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20190108 GMC PHO 1094

Urbanisation and sustainable megacity

With good design and materials, rapid urbanisation can be sustainable.

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Protective layers

More complex than it seems, the building envelope creates a comfortable environment indoors

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Healing architecture

Patients recover faster when healthcare facilities are thoughtfully designed

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Moving buildings

Beautiful architecture makes us feel better. The emotional impact of beautiful buildings can transcend the personal, even to the extent of improving the communities we live in.

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Effects of noise pollution

As a growing body of evidence reveals the damaging impacts of noise pollution, it’s important that we respond. Good acoustic designs that absorb sound help professionals and students to think and talk more easily, and at the same time create better environments for learning and healing.

20180309 RW-CWE-D PHO 164

Measure against Noise pollution

Not all noise is bad, as any lover of loud music would agree. But unwanted noise, otherwise known as noise pollution, poses a real threat to human health and wellbeing.

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