How is the saving calculated?

To assess the energy, carbon and air emission savings from the usage of sold ROCKWOOL insulation products, there is a need for a robust and transparent calculation methodology. Therefore, ROCKWOOL asked Navigant to develop a methodology to calculate the energy and CO2 emission savings of its building and technical insulation as well as the SO2, NOx, and particulate matter (PM) savings for building insulation. Navigant developed the methodologies independently of ROCKWOOL and endorses that the annual savings calculated by ROCKWOOL correctly follow these methodologies.

The CO2 and other air emissions emitted during production of ROCKWOOL products have been calculated by ROCKWOOL.

Sustainability report 2021, SR21,
building insulation, 100 times, carbon emissions, energy consumption

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Michael Zarin, Vice President, Group Communications

Michael Zarin

Vice President, Group Communications, Denmark