Technical Insulation

ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation offers a diverse range of industrial, marine and offshore products – covering everything from shipping and oil rig applications, to land-based factories and energy plants.

We are the global market leader in technical insulation.

Our solutions are sustainable – helping you to reduce your business’s carbon footprint. They are also energy efficient, lowering your overall costs.

ROCKWOOL products are designed to improve the overall safety of your operation, keeping people comfortable and secure in the workplace.

Discover how we can help meet your challenges and explore our product range today.

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Why do we need technical insulation?

Across an array of industrial, marine and offshore sectors, one thing remains constant. Your operations and sites need to be safe and efficient.

Technical insulation helps make this possible.

It can provide a cost-effective way to protect buildings, systems, structures and – most importantly – people.

Key areas include:

  • Fire safety – with people living and working on offshore, marine and industrial sites, which may present fire hazards, effective insulation is needed to slow the spread of flames and allow time for employees to escape, in the event of an emergency.
  • Energy efficiency – better temperature regulation can reduce costs, not to mention the 40 percent share of CO2 emissions generated by industry each year1.
  • Soundproofing – loud machinery and operating systems can have a harmful impact on the comfort of people nearby. The right acoustic insulation helps improve the working environment of industrial settings for employees and visitors.

Calculator and savings

The amount of insulation you will need for your operation will depend on several different factors, including:

  • Budget
  • Type of installation

If you need specific figures on how much insulation you will need, it’s best to consult the individual product pages on local market sites – and the manuals that can be found there. You can also contact our experts for further support.

When you install our products, the potential for energy savings and carbon reduction is huge.

Use our ROCKWOOL U-value calculator to determine the thermal performance of the building’s walls/roofs, and possible cost savings. For more details on technical specifications, visit our ROCKSPEC Specification Toolkit.

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Case studies

The challenge7

Based in the Netherlands with sites in and off the coast of Germany, TenneT is one of Europe’s leading electricity transmission operators.
In order to safeguard its employees, the company wanted to ensure effective fire protection at HVDC DolWin2 – the world’s most powerful offshore converter. This was seen as especially important for an area that is so hard to reach for emergency services.

The solution

ROCKWOOL SeaRox A60® wired mats were installed, which would greatly slow the spread of flames in the event of a fire. This would allow more time for workers to evacuate – and for emergency services to arrive and provide assistance.

The results

Fire safety standards have been raised, while the thermal and acoustic properties of the insulation have also helped to create a more comfortable working environment too.

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Sustainability and energy efficiency

Our products have been created with energy savings and eco-friendliness in mind.

They act to reduce thermal losses in industrial applications. This means less energy consumption – keeping CO2 emissions down, and helping to reduce global increases in temperature through fossil fuels11.

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Financial support

Your business could be eligible for a financial grant or tax incentives when installing insulation. Contact us to learn more.

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