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Fire Penetration

Fire penetration products are designed to seal gaps and voids near piping, cables, wall spaces and other elements penetrating walls or decks, where flames and smoke could spread in the event of a fire.

We offer a comprehensive selection of products that have been specifically engineered to combat fire spreading – buying valuable time for occupants to escape and for fire services to arrive.

This can raise the overall fire safety standards of a building, and offer additional protection for those living and working there.

Find out how ROCKWOOL solutions can improve the long-term safety of your construction project or renovation.

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Why do we need fire penetration solutions?

Fire penetration products perform a vital role in protecting buildings from fire and smoke spread.

Pipeworks, electricity cables and network lines keep buildings running every day. But both they, and the gaps around them, can be the perfect places for fumes and flames to pass through in the event of a fire.

This spread can happen in a matter of seconds. Not only does this put lives at risk, but it also minimises the time emergency services have available to arrive at the scene and provide help.

Installing robust fire resilient insulation and other specialised products is an effective way to help prevent this.

Any chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and ROCKWOOL solutions are designed to strengthen these weak points. By plugging gaps around cables and pipes, as well as through solid, partition and light construction walls, fire safety in constructions can be significantly improved.

Calculator and savings

To calculate how much of each product you’ll need, you can contact us directly. We can work with you to understand your construction and the unique needs of your building.

Once installed, effective insulation, seals and wraps can help create a safer working and living environment for occupants – and protect constructions against costly damage.

For more details on technical specifications, visit our ROCKSPEC Specification Toolkit.


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We offer a comprehensive range of high-performance firestopping solutions which are designed to close down fire penetrations by pipework, trunking and also solid, partition and other wall types.

Rob Kooiker

ROCKWOOL Group Product Manager

Case studies

The challenge

Sluseholmen Karré K in Copenhagen, Denmark is a 168-flat apartment block. A high level of fire resilience for the building’s ventilation ducts was needed to ensure the safety of residents – and complement the appearance of the building.

The solution

ROCKWOOL Conlit fire boards were installed to boost the non-combustible properties of the building. These tight-fitting stone wool products help plug any haps where fire or smoke can spread if a fire breaks out.

The results

Conlit products used throughout the ventilation ducts, and sealed using technical insulation tape, obscure joints and protect against the threat of fire to improve resident safety.

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Fire insulation is an important part of the safety and security of a building, and now the insulation can protect future residents in a discrete way.

Allan Kasper

Owner at contractors PM Teknisk Isolering

Sustainability and energy efficiency

We create solutions that care for your project, people and the environment.

Our stone wool products can be recycled repeatedly to create new products – without any dip in quality or performance3. This contributes to less waste and helps reduce our carbon emissions by 10 percent when producing new products4.

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Financial support

When you install fire safety products, you may qualify for financial support from a local scheme or tax incentive. Contact our offices for more information.

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