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Thermal Insulation

Quality thermal insulation is designed to improve temperature regulation through installation in walls, floors, ceilings, roofs and other spaces. Without it, the increased demand to heat or cool buildings raises energy consumption, associated costs, and CO2 emissions.

ROCKWOOL solutions are designed to help maintain a steady indoor temperature. Our stone wool products lead to more energy efficient constructions and renovations. Indeed, properly installed insulation can act to reduce energy consumption by up to 70 percent1.

When fitted, stone wool insulation can create a comfortable living or working environment for those inside buildings, as well as lowering energy bills – contributing to a more sustainable way of living.

Our thermal insulation solutions can be installed in a wide variety of building applications. This includes external walls and roofs, as well as ground and separating floors.

As an added benefit, stone wool insulation also provides acoustic protection and enhances the fire resilience of buildings.

Read on to discover more about how our products can work to improve the thermal performance of your construction.

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Where and how can our products be used?

Our thermal insulation boardscan be used in a variety of ways within a construction, whether new build or renovation, to keep heat or cool air in as desired.

One of our key aims is to improve the quality of life for residents and workers by creating the ideal temperature for a comfortable indoor environment2.

Key applications include:

External Walls

Slabs and rolls can be slotted in-between cavities to prevent warm or cold air passing through.


Roof thermal insulation can be used to improve thermal regulation in one of the most vulnerable building areas for heat loss.

Flooring solutions

Floor thermal insulation can help improve heat conservation, especially between apartments or a ground floor and basement space.

External facades

Stone wool insulation can be used externally, as part of a ventilation façade or curtain wall system.

Loft insulation

Our products can reduce heat loss in attic and loft spaces.

Why do we need thermal insulation?

Effective thermal insulation for walls, floors and roof spaces is vital to help create indoor comfort in both new-build projects, and renovations of existing constructions.

Not only do our stone wool solutions help to provide optimum living and working temperatures, they also offer increased energy efficiency, acoustic protection from urban noise – and fire resilience.

Benefits include:

  • Improved quality of life better temperature regulation prevents offices, homes or other spaces becoming too hot or cold, greatly benefiting the day-to-day comfort of those living and working there.
  • Lower energy bills quality insulation can increase your building’s energy efficiency, reducing heating and cooling costs for operators and occupants.
Thermal Timber Frame Slab

Sustainability and energy efficiency

One of our key goals is working towards a more sustainable, environmentally friendly future for all. As part of this, we are committed to the creation of sustainable insulation products that raise energy efficiency for constructions of all shapes and sizes around the world.

As the International Energy Agency (IEA) notes, the buildings we live and work in account for 30 percent of global energy use, and 28 percent of total carbon dioxide emissions. ROCKWOOL stone wool solutions are designed to reduce this demand for fossil fuels – and the negative environmental consequences of their use12.

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