metal cladding, bardage métallique


Metal wall systems are used extensively in the construction of industrial and commercial buildings around the world. They offer a cost-effective, fast and modern method for creating constructions such as storage outlets, warehouses and shops.

To keep operating costs and construction time down, you can install metal wall insulation to improve thermal, acoustic and fire protection performance. This can also enhance occupancy comfort and help ensure local building standards and regulations are met.

We have ROCKWOOL products to suit various applications of metal building wall insulation – appropriate for many types of industrial and commercial developments.

Why do we need metal wall insulation?

Metal walls and accompanying insulation systems are an important part of constructing industrial buildings. They offer a sustainable solution to help build faster, better and at a lower cost.

Our products are designed to retain these advantages with their ease of installation and fast application to metal wall systems. This saves time and costs during the installation process – an important focus of the construction industry.

ROCKWOOL insulation delivers effective thermal, fire and acoustic performance. This improves energy efficiency, comfort and safety following the construction or renovation of any building with a metal wall system. 

Key benefits include:

  • Improved energy performance
  • Reduced installation and operating costs
  • Greater comfort for building occupants
  • Freedom of design to suit different systems
  • Fire safety properties
The high-density stone wool of ROCKWOOL insulation makes it easier to install and means that it better withstands climatic hazards. Our metal wall solutions provide excellent durability, fire safety and comfort across the full lifetime of the construction.

Kim Brandt

ROCKWOOL Group Product Manager

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