Interior wall insulation can be used in both commercial and residential properties to improve indoor comfort and boost energy efficiency.1

There are various methods of adding insulation for inside walls – each designed to reduce heat loss, increase acoustic performance or raise fire safety.

Read on to discover more about ROCKWOOL internal wall applications – and the benefits and cost savings they can bring.

Why do we need interior wall insulation?

Introducing high quality interior wall insulation is one of the best ways to prevent heat loss, protect against fire risks and improve acoustic capabilities.

It improves energy performance and creates a comfortable home or working environment suitable for all types of internal walls:

  • Partition walls – Non-load bearing walls used to divide a room. Commonly a wooden or metal stud wall with plasterboard finish or similar.
  • Separation walls Also known as a party wall, these separate adjoining flats, houses and rooms between residential properties.

Applications can be easier and more accessible for certain properties, such as apartments or condos. They also have no impact on the external appearance, such as with dry lining walls where the insulation can be installed before the cladding, which is then painted over.

For separation and partition walls, they improve the soundproof qualities between rooms and properties.

Benefits of ROCKWOOL interior wall insulation include:

  • Reduced heat loss
  • Protection against fire risks
  • Cost-effective installation
  • Blocking and absorbing sound
  • Matching environment aesthetics
Not only will ROCKWOOL Sound Insulation deliver outstanding acoustic benefits to stop noise transfer in its tracks, it will also reassure residents that their homes are thermally efficient and fire-safe.

Norman Fada

Project Director, Keywest 3


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Premium partnership program for builders

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