Noncombustible stone wool insulation used in exterior walls, interior partitions, facades and roofing plays a crucial role in improving the fire performance of buildings. Stone wool insulation protects the building structure by reducing heat transfer and the spread of fire. Meanwhile, it does not produce harmful smoke and toxic gases or add to the smoke produced during a fire.

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6 things you need to know about the fire resilience of stone wool

Fire-Rated Wall Assemblies Are Key to Giving Occupants and Firefighters Time

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John Straube talks about Improving Fire Safety with Stone Wool Insulation video interview

Using stone wool in mid-rise wood construction

Evolving building codes now allow for taller wood frame buildings. This introduction with John Straube discusses why these changes have taken place and what is expected in the future. It provides an overview of the different types of wood frame constructions and the various issues that arise with these projects including environmental impacts as well as solutions and high level strategies to consider.

California Fire Marshal Building Materials Listing

The state of California has established a leadership position in fire-safety design due to its experience with large wildfires. The California Office of the State Fire Marshal publishes a listing of building materials tested by OSFM-accredited laboratories to help building professionals source reliable products for projects in the increasing number of fire-prone areas. ROCKWOOL has four stone wool products tested in accordance with an extended ASTM E84 and ASTM 136 in the listing. Learn more about these products and view their CAL FIRE listing documents below or by directly searching the listing.   

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