Basement and cellar ceiling insulation is essential for newly renovated below ground spaces, protecting them from heat loss and nuisance noise.

Using slab products that are fixed to the underside of the floor above, these spaces can be transformed into comfortable living areas for occupants.

Once installed, stone wool insulation can also improve fire performance – crucial for private housing and public underground spaces such as parking garages, where insulation can also be applied.

Discover how ROCKWOOL solutions can raise the thermal, acoustic and fire standards of your next construction or renovation project – creating a space that is energy efficient and safe.

Why do we need basement ceiling insulation?

Whether in private houses, apartment blocks or public parking garages, basement ceiling insulation is needed to protect these underground areas from cold temperatures, raise fire safety standards and shield occupants – or those in the adjacent environment – from nuisance noise.

Because these below ground spaces are susceptible to heat loss and sound transfer, effective insulation can help keep heat in and unwanted noise out – especially if they’re being transformed into a living space.

In both new builds and renovation projects, insulation can improve the acoustic performance of the room and – through increased energy efficiency – lower heating or cooling costs for the people living there.

Our products have a direct impact on energy consumption, are aesthetically pleasing and absorb sound – reducing noise pollution inside the building and to the external environment.

Roger Peeters

ROCKWOOL Group Product Manager

Sustainability and energy efficiency

The cellar ceiling insulation we produce has a direct impact on reducing energy consumption in buildings.

With more and more urban development projects emerging to cope with the expected two billion growth in the world’s population by 2050, ROCKWOOL insulation can therefore help reduce the energy needed to support this growth5.

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