A comprehensive course exploring the application of PH design principles to large scale and high rise construction

High performance isn’t a trend.

Architects, builders and designers are continually being tasked with integrating escalating energy codes and region-specific environmental initiatives with advancements in building materials and technological innovations – all in the name of creating safer and more comfortable built environments that will stand the test of time.

Adopting Passive House principles is the gold standard for meeting these high-performance demands. And for good reason. Building design and construction professionals need to prepare for the day when a Passive House-certified building isn’t considered exceptional, but rather the new normal.

Prepare for next-level learning

This session offers attendees insights from esteemed industry experts, including developers, architects and consultants specializing in enclosure and mechanical systems on the fundamentals of Passive House design.

The focal point of discussion will be the advantages of high-performance buildings as it pertains to larger scale PH projects.

Knowledge and skills you will take away by participating in the webinar:

  • A robust understanding of PH design principals with an emphasis on avoiding thermal bridging, effective building massing and strategies for mitigating solar heat gain
  • Ways to address efficiency challenges inherent in high-rise construction
  • Analyze methodologies employed in PH projects and structures, showcasing a comparison of initial costs against substantial long-term savings in operational efficiency and durability

And, of course, earn # CEU credits!

This webinar is filled with discussions that will leave you craving more – and better prepared for a more resilient built environment. Register now!  

Webinar Details

Date:  Thursday, August 22

Time: 2:00 PM ET

Location: Online - Experience this event live from the comfort of your own environment!