In an uninsulated building, the main source of energy loss is through the roof, making insulation a top priority

The non-combustible nature of stone wool insulation makes it a robust choice for fire safety too. But it’s the superior sound insulation of the material which makes ROCKWOOL metal roof insulation solutions an ideal choice for built-up applications.

Why do we need metal roof insulation?

As heat rises, most energy loss is usually through the roof of a building. Metal roof insulation can enhance the energy efficiency of a building and help to reduce fuel costs.

Our metal roof applications utilise both high-density and medium-density products. High-density products support the metallic rain screen directly. Medium-density products – typically rolls – act as an infill between the two metallic layers and their metal carrier.

Installing effective metal roof insulation barriers offers protection from rain, hail and snow during winter, and overheating in the summer.

Stone wool insulation also provides excellent acoustics for a metal roof – protecting against urban noise pollution and noise from the weather, such as rain and hailstones, which often pose a problem for metallic roof coverings.

Calculator and savings

Metal roof insulation can help property owners and tenants save money on their energy bills by boosting energy efficiency.

A valuable investment for the future, it offers a relatively fast payback time in terms of money, energy and carbon footprint1

Insulation thickness can be adjusted to meet a wide array of customer specifications.

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ROCKWOOL solutions for metal roofs are durable and proven by more than 40 years of use. Our metal roof insulation is also non-combustible and will protect you, your building and inventory if a fire occurs.

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The effect of the installation can be felt immediately. No more cold draughts through cracks in the ceiling, or the uncomfortable feeling of a cold surface.

Roger Peeters

Global Product Manager, ROCKWOOL Group

Sustainability and energy efficiency

ROCKWOOL products are designed to be both energy efficient and high quality.

We embed our aims and values in everything we do, helping to create functional and sustainable insulation to improve modern living and the environment.

Our insulation is designed to ensure buildings and domestic properties pass international standards. This requires buildings to be:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Affordable
  • Efficient
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