To design an attractive, durable, and energy-efficient exterior wall assembly, you may need to consider many possible products and combinations. Often a project team’s minimum goal is to ensure these combinations are safe and meet building code requirements. But more than ever before, project teams demand performance from the building enclosure that exceeds code minimums and instead reaches high-performance building targets.  

ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation products are designed to help meet and exceed these evolving building codes with products suited for both exterior continuous insulation and wall stud cavity applications.

ROCKWOOL Cavityrock®

Cavityrock® is a semi-rigid insulation board with superior long-term thermal efficiency, fire resistance, moisture control, acoustic performance and are compatible with numerous cladding attachment systems.

Also available in a black mat facer finish for open-joint cladding systems, Cavityrock® Black combines your insulation install with masking in a single step, reducing installation time and material cost to achieve your desired design aesthetic.

ROCKWOOL Cavityrock
ROCKWOOL Cavityrock Black
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ROCKWOOL Comfortboard®

Comfortboard® is a rigid, high-density stone wool board designed for assemblies using screw through insulation cladding support systems. Comfortboard offers improved energy efficiency with minimal penetrations to reduce thermal bridging, increased fire resistance, enhanced acoustical comfort, along with vapor permeance and moisture resistance for a durable enclosure.

Available in two product options;
Comfortboard 80 or Comfortboard 110, to meet specific structural requirements, these products may also be used below-grade, under concrete slab, in floor-ceiling assemblies, and for sloped roofing applications.

Comfortboard 80

ROCKWOOL Comfortbatt®

Comfortbatt® is a semi-rigid stone wool thermal batt insulation for exterior wood and steel stud applications. Noncombustible and fire resistant, Comfortbatt will not develop toxic smoke or promote flame spread, even when exposed directly to a fire. It also offers water and moisture resistance and excellent sound absorbency, providing an effective way to improve a home’s efficiency and comfort. 

Comfortbatt features a unique flexible edge that allows for easy installation and helps prevent over compression to maintain its R-value. Simply insert, compress and release the batt into the stud cavity to allow it to completely fill the space and maximizing performance.


Comfortbatt Pro Generic image

What are Rainscreens and Cavity Walls?

Rainscreen and cavity wall assemblies have a unique approach to managing loads from liquid water, like rain and snowmelt. Rainscreens and cavity walls incorporate an air gap that separates the exterior cladding from the air, vapor and thermal control layers within the wall. This helps to facilitate drainage of penetrating water and increase the drying behind the cladding if properly ventilated.

Both rainscreens and cavity walls often incorporate insulation in the assembly. The decision to include continuous exterior insulation in the assembly comes down to the thermal performance requirements of the project.

The natural ventilation in the air gap and our stone wool insulation contribute to shifting the heat wave in summer and boast excellent thermal performance in winter. A continuous insulation layer on the building envelope helps enhance indoor thermal comfort.

Erica Bazzini

Global Product Manager, ROCKWOOL Group

ROCKWOOL offers two products that can be used as continuous exterior insulation in rainscreen applications.
ROCKWOOL Cavityrock® and ROCKWOOL Comfortboard®

One product is available for exterior stud-framed wall cavities.
ROCKWOOL Comfortbatt®

With most pre-engineered cladding attachment systems (e.g., clips or girts), semi-rigid ROCKWOOL Cavityrock is typically appropriate. However, when screws through the insulation cladding support system are used or in other applications where a more rigid board is preferred, ROCKWOOL Comfortboard is recommended.

ROCKWOOL Comfortbatt is used in both steel and wood stud cavities in exterior wall applications.

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