What is stone wool insulation?

Stone wool insulation is created by spinning molten rock and minerals with steel slag to create a cotton-candy-like wool product. Pressed into rolls and sheets, stone wool creates an incredibly effective insulation with sound-absorbing and fire-resistant properties. It installs like any batt insulation in the wall cavity, but it can be either flexible or rigid, delivering a full scale of solutions to match your needs.

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How is ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation made?

Learn how ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation is made. From the rainwater collected and used in the process, to the raw ingredients, to the "carnival cotton candy machines" to the packaging.

How ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation is made

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General Questions
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General Questions

1) What is stone wool?
2) What happens if ROCKWOOL insulation gets wet?
3) Are ROCKWOOL products mold resistant?
4) Are ROCKWOOL products rodent resistant?
5) Does ROCKWOOL make blowing wool insulation?
6) ROCKWOOL WARRANTY – What is ROCKWOOL’s warranty information?
7) RECYCLED CONTENT – How much Recycled Content is in ROCKWOOL Products?
8) How does ROCKWOOL help to earn LEED Certification?
9) Does ROCKWOOL Supply Complete Systems?
10) Does ROCKWOOL contain formaldehyde?
11) Does ROCKWOOL slag contain heavy metals?
12) Why are ROCKWOOL batts priced at a premium?
13) What is the best way to cut ROCKWOOL batts and boards?
14) Does ROCKWOOL have insulation for Metal Building applications?
15) Does ROCKWOOL sell directly to Builders/Contractors/Installers?
16) Can I tape the seams of the CAVITYROCK® product?
17) Can ROCKWOOL help designers meet the thermal needs of their wall assemblies?
18) Can ROCKWOOL be used with direct applied stucco?
19) What are UL/ULC approvals?
20) Where can we find designs for UL?
21) Does ROCKWOOL come in different colours?
22) How long will ROCKWOOL last before it has to be replaced?
23) Is there any off-gassing with ROCKWOOL products?
24) Can ROCKWOOL be used in an oven/stove application?
25) Does AFB® come sized for wood studs?
26) What is the thickest I can get the ROCKWOOL product?
27) What are the dimensions of the product?
28) Does ROCKWOOL make custom sized products?
29) Can facings be applied to ROCKWOOL stone wool products?
30) Is Black Scrim available on ROCKWOOL CAVITYROCK®?
31) Where can I purchase ROCKBOARD® PG?
32) What is the R-value on each ROCKWOOL product?
33) What are the R-values of AFB® and SAFE’n’SOUND®?
34) Where can I find your Safety Data Sheets?
35) Is ROCKWOOL batt packaging (Safe’n’Sound, Comfortbatt, AFB) recyclable?
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