With the global population continuing to grow, it’s expected that the world will be home to a further two billion people by 2050. As a large majority of the global population will live in urban areas, our cities need to accommodate more inhabitants in a safe and healthy way. Although city living can be great and full of opportunities, it can be challenging when it comes to health and safety, and issues such as noise, air pollution and the threat of fire. Products from ROCKWOOL Group can create the optimal indoor environment while enhancing fire resilience.

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Improving the indoor environment

The buildings that we spend time in affect our health, wellbeing and productivity – and considering we spend nearly 90 percent of our time indoors, a healthy indoor environment is very important. The temperature, light, and air quality in a building can all have a significant impact on our health. If the indoor environment is too warm or too cold, or damp or draughty, mould can grow – and this is linked to asthma and other respiratory diseases. Studies show that:

  • People living in damp homes are 40 percent more likely to develop asthma;
  • In the workplace, employee performance decreases by six percent when the environment is too warm; and,
  • Poor air circulation in buildings can lead to several health issues, such as fatigue, nausea, headache and coughing.


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Our impact

Based on natural stone wool, ROCKWOOL products can play a big part in optimising our indoor environments. Modern insulation drastically reduces the energy needed to keep a building sufficiently warm or cool, and eliminates the related CO2 emissions. Energy bills are also significantly reduced, helping countless families avoid energy poverty.


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Stone wool from ROCKWOOL has excellent acoustic capabilities, absorbing sound and dispersing it as harmless friction via its pores. There are a variety of ways that stone wool can ensure the optimal acoustic environment:

  • Soundproof floors and ceilings with stone wool: An effective way to control the noise that travels from the floor above to the room below – or vice versa.
  • Insulate walls with stone wool: Not only will this drastically reduce noise pollution, it has the added benefits of reducing energy costs and improving fire safety.
  • Install Rockfon ceiling tiles and acoustic panels: A great way to harness the acoustic capabilities of stone wool – without having to break open the walls or floors.
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Fire safety

The growing global population and resulting urbanisation means that people live and work closer to each other than before – and that high-rise buildings are becoming commonplace to work and live in. Should a fire occur in a high-rise building, the consequences can be devasting. Installing fire safe insulation is a great way to help ensure the safety of building occupants and prevent the spread of fire to limit structural damage.

ROCKWOOL insulation is made from non-combustible stone wool that can withstand temperatures above 1,000°C . This helps limit the spread of fire in a building and provides vital time for occupants to escape during a fire, while creating a safer environment for firefighters to combat the flames.


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