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January 1, 1

Insulation is an easy, cost-effective way to make buildings sustainable.

The solution to saving energy is here, today. In the EU, buildings account for 40 percent of energy consumption. We could save 80 percent of this right now, using existing technology. Effective thermal insulation can dramatically reduce energy use and costs – and it can also create healthier indoor climates plus improve outdoor climate by significantly reducing CO2 emissions.

But from a sustainability perspective, ROCKWOOL has an even bigger story to tell. Our main raw material is stone, specifically a blend of naturally occurring volcanic diabase rock. This is a plentiful and renewable resource, which the Earth is constantly making more of. Our stone wool insulation is also endlessly recyclable, so no waste needs to be created either.

And while our production process needs energy to heat the rock to a temperature where it can be spun into stone wool, we use filters, pre-heaters, afterburners and other cleaning collection systems to minimise environmental impacts.  Overall, ROCKWOOL stone wool building insulation avoids 85 times the greenhouse gas emissions that result from raw material extraction, transportation and its manufacture.

ROCKWOOL stone wool is also a durable form of insulation. Over its long life, it needs no maintenance or repair and its thermal, dimensional, fire resistant and acoustic properties stay the same through time.

When the need to save energy and CO2 emissions is more urgent than ever, stone wool can make an immediate and lasting contribution to the solution.

Energy consumption

of EU energy consumed by buildings


saving in building energy use from existing technology

Carbon saved

times more carbon saved by ROCKWOOL stone wool building insulation than generated in its production

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