Very often, we look to renovation as a way to make our homes more energy efficient. After all, living in an energy efficient home has so many benefits; lower energy costs, greater comfort, a more valuable property, and it’s kinder to the environment as it reduces our emissions. We spend approximately 90 percent of our lives indoors, and it’s our right to live, learn, work and recover in buildings that are comfortable and safe.

Four key focus areas

Roof renovation

Want to put a lid on your energy bill? You could be losing as much as 25 percent of your heating through your roof if you do not have adequate insulation installed. Renovating your roof with modern insulating materials like stone wool could reduce your energy costs and help make your home more comfortable.

Single family houses in Tankerton, Whitstable, United Kingdom cladded with Rockpanel Stones facade cladding.

Exterior renovation

Poorly insulated external wall and surfaces will lead to heat loss, increased energy costs and and a poor indoor climate. Think about it - your external walls are the single largest surface area of your house and therefore also where the greatest amount of heat is transfered between your home and the outside environment. As such, the insulation in your walls plays a major role in reducing energy cost - and it's a perfect excuse to give your home a fresh, new look!

Case study SFH in Monza (Italy) after renovation.
ROCKWOOL Solutions for: facades, ETICS

Loft and attic

Whether you are looking to reclaim an unused space or improve the energy efficiency of your home, renovating our loft or attic can achieve both! Explore how you can convert your loft and how to maintain a high energy efficiency, regardless of your project type. You'll learn a couple of tips and tricks for renovating your loft and find the most imporant considerations for a succesful loft renovation project.

Loft conversion imagery

Basement renovation

Turning your basement into a comfortable living space means keeping out moisture and keeping in the heat. This will also help reduce your energy costs and make your home healthy, more comfortable and protect against rot and corrosion. Check out this article with everything you need to know about renovating your basement and the best solutions available.

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Apartment renovation

Renovating an apartment is different from renovating a free-standing home. From noise to energy efficiency, this article goes in-depth with some of the most important considerations for renovating an apartment abd how you can deal with the most common issues. We've also included some of our best solutions, so you can learn how they can help your in your next project!

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