An apartment-remodelling project is a way to give your home a new look and feel, but it is also an opportunity to improve the indoor environment. You may start the project to reduce energy use or to eliminate noise from neighbours and the outside environment. Whatever your reason is, you should select materials that will provide superior performance and long-lasting performance.

The unique properties of stone wool make it a versatile and sustainable solution for any kind of apartment or multi-unit house renovation initiative. Stone wool insulation provides a passive barrier that improves indoor climates, limits noise pollution, and increases your home’s thermal efficiency.

Relevant applications

Why renovate your apartment?

Renovating buildings for healthier indoor environments and reduced energy consumption is receiving renewed focus from national and local governments. 

By renovating your apartment, you can:

  • Improve the indoor comfort and provide healthier living conditions for the occupants with optimised temperature and humidity control.
  • Reduce energy use to save money on utilities while also increasing the value of the property.
  • Eliminate noise pollution from neighbours or the hustle and bustle of the external environment.

With stone wool insulation, you can achieve all of these goals when choosing functional materials for your apartment renovation. ROCKWOOL Group has a variety of solutions for apartment remodelling and deep energy retrofits. Reducing noise pollution, improving thermal performance, and creating a healthy indoor climate is possible with stone wool insulation.

The home is where you live and recuperate from the rigours of daily life. Having comfortable temperatures and maintaining optimised acoustics will ensure occupants can get a good night’s sleep during rest cycles. You can also improve your apartment’s fire resilience, reduce the effects of mould and mildew, and, most importantly, save on energy costs.

Consider the following solutions from ROCKWOOL Group when planning your apartment renovation project.

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