A corrosion prevention webcast hosted by ROCKWOOL Asia

Our award-winning Mandrel Wound pipe insulation effectively retain hydrophobicity within the full CUI temperature range even after heating and ageing performance.

Discover how this advanced technology can minimize CUI and help reduce 40-60% of your pipeline maintenance cost.

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In this webcast, attendees will learn:

  • Why CUI is important;
  • Key characteristics that help prevent water from taking hold of the system;
  • The significant variations of water repellency properties in different insulation materials;
  • Different types of additives to achieve water repellency;
  • Innovative technology to mitigate CUI.


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Debapratim Dinda

Regional Technical Manager of ROCKWOOL Asia, responsible for the South Asian region.

As a civil engineer with an MBA background, Deb brings with him 15 years of experience from the global building and industrial markets. His diverse experience has provided him with a wide and strong understanding of fire requirements in this region.

Deb is a Certified Eiif TIPCHECK engineer and has spoken at various regional conferences across Asia, sharing his knowledge and experience especially in the specialized area of fire protection and insulation.


ROCKWOOL Asia is part of ROCKWOOL Group that makes and supplies a full range of smart and sustainable insulation products covering all forms of insulation markets from general buildings to petrochemical and oil and gas.



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Because CUI is a product of wet metal exposure duration, the insulation system that holds the least amount of water and dries most quickly should result in the least amount of corrosion damage to equipment.

NACE SP0198-2017 (2.1.2)

WR Tech Campaign Photos, modified (resize/color etc.) for Campaign Landing Page use only.