When did we open our manufacturing facility?

When we broke ground on our manufacturing facility in Byhalia back in May of 2013, it was clear that Marshall County, Mississippi is a location that provides efficient access to the southern U.S. market for our manufacturing and distribution. The construction process included more than 500 workers on site and took roughly 850,000 hours to complete, with no lost time for accidents. 

ROCKWOOL began operations at this location in June of 2014 and is producing our full line of residential, commercial, industrial, and roofing stone wool insulation solutions at the 600,000-square foot manufacturing plant. The facility, located on a 115-acre site in the Chickasaw Trails Industrial Park at 4594 Cayce Road is approximately 31 miles from Memphis, Tennessee.

This facility is our first production operation in the United States, enabling ROCKWOOL to join the made-in-America ranks, and expanding our North American production capacity. We worked closely with the Mississippi Development Authority and local officials who helped facilitate start-up requirements including road improvements and workforce training. Marshall County, the Appalachian Regional Commission and Tennessee Valley Authority also supported infrastructure improvements.

In 2017, we expanded to accommodate the production of Rockfon’s best-in-class acoustic ceiling solutions. This 130,000-square-foot operation is situated adjacent to the ROCKWOOL Byhalia, Mississippi facility on the same site and is a sign of rising demand for stone and mineral wool products in the United States.

For a detailed look at what it means to have ROCKWOOL in your community, we created a Community Brochure. It covers everything from how our manufacturing facilities operate to working at ROCKWOOL and our social responsibility efforts to support local programs and causes.

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Respecting the local environment

As a proud neighbor of the communities in which we operate, ROCKWOOL is continuously working to improve the sustainability of our operations, so that we leave the smallest footprint possible to safeguard the local environment.

Learn more about our commitment to sustainability

How does our factory operate?

Stepping inside our manufacturing facility you will witness a modern and efficient operation that combines state-of-the-art equipment with people, working together to ensure the highest levels of product quality and a thriving work environment.

Over the course of our history we have continued to invest in our production process, ensuring that we meet and exceed the environmental protection standards set by government and regulators wherever we operate. 

In Mississippi, this is no different. We recycle our own waste, in fact, we are using recycled material made up primarily of slag (a by-product from the steel industry) and recycled mineral wool, whereby we recover internal wool waste which is then added back into the production process.

Water used in our production process is collected and reused, reducing the total consumption by as much as 50 percent, in addition to the rainwater that we capture in secure on-site ponds reducing our demand on the municipal water system. The facility uses energy-efficient lighting, participates in a pallet recycling program, and uses heat-recovery from our manufacturing process to reduce energy demands.

If this is your first time learning about our operations at ROCKWOOL Byhalia, MS, we can assure you the facility is a testament of advanced manufacturing.

Watch the manufacturing plant tour video below to learn more about manufacturing, what is industrial work looks like at our facilities, the types of manufacturing systems that we use to make our stone wool products, and the work environment inside a ROCKWOOL insulation plant.

Have a question or concern?

Please don’t hesitate to let us know and a member of our community relations team will follow up with you.

Byhalia, Marshall County, Mississippi (MS) facility interior shots of the manufacturing and production line and operations for stone wool insulation products at MAR4 in North America.

Advanced Manufacturing Factory Tour

At ROCKWOOL, we’re proud of the efficiency and productivity of our manufacturing facilities. Our plants are so much more than just the machinery. They are a balanced combination of the latest technology and equipment, as well as people working together to ensure the highest standards of employee safety and product quality.

How are we positively impacting the community?

Manufacturing matters in Mississippi, in fact, the Mississippi Manufacturers Association (MMA) found that for every direct manufacturing job created in the state, two additional jobs are created in the local economy. In addition, employment in advanced manufacturing is the third-fastest growing sector in the state, with jobs growth having helped manufacturing become the leading private-sector contributor to state-wide GDP.

The ROCKWOOL Byhalia, Mississippi facility has resulted in significant local economic activity every year. We are providing opportunities for local businesses by sourcing products and services from suppliers and contractors across the region to support a variety of needs including catering and food services, cleaning, freight, landscaping, and waste removal.

We have a list of manufacturing job opportunities available at our facility in areas such as operations, engineering, maintenance and trades, and site leadership and supervisory.

Working in a factory with ROCKWOOL in Byhalia, Mississippi, whether you join us in one of our hourly jobs, trade jobs in demand, or in any of the examples of manufacturing job categories already listed, we’re offering the opportunity to build a meaningful career in the manufacturing of a product made from natural materials used to create safe and sustainable living environments.

We currently employ more than 200 people and are committed to Byhalia, MS for the long-term, providing job stability and security to our workforce.

ROCKWOOL is also committed to providing a safe, fair, and engaging workplace for our employees. We have developed a culture that puts the safety of our colleagues first, including requiring all personnel to wear standard Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

We’re also committed to strengthening the community through philanthropy and corporate citizenship and developing lasting relationships with our neighbors. In Marshall County, MS this includes initiatives with Byhalia Middle School, the Memphis Food Bank, the Salvation Army, and being a member of the Byhalia Area Chamber of Commerce.

Our commitment to social responsibility and creating a positive workplace culture make ROCKWOOL a great place to work. Our new manufacturing plant is hiring, and we encourage you to check out any of the available jobs below for well-paying opportunities with an attractive benefits package.

With ROCKWOOL, you'll also have the support you need with access to training programs and the potential for education reimbursement for job-related courses that further your career. Each posting includes the factory worker skills requirements:

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Working at ROCKWOOL

Meaningful careers in manufacturing with job stability and security for Marshall County employees.

I’ve been working at ROCKWOOL full-time for more than three years. Good pay & benefits. Lots of people being promoted quickly.

Current Employee (Glassdoor)

ROCKWOOL Byhalia, Mississippi

More information about ROCKWOOL

We’re very happy that ROCKWOOL is in our community, they’ve been a great corporate citizen. The leadership from the corporate level to the local plant managers and team have been exceptional to work with.

Justin Hall

Executive Director, Marshall County Industrial Development Authority