The world is changing. And so are we.

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Watch to WIN!

To learn more about this rebranding effort and win some exciting prizes, simply watch our ROCKWOOL brand video

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You've always known us as ROXUL, the company behind high-quality stone wool insulation. But in a time when the potential energy savings of buildings has yet to be reached, how can we simply sit back? We can't. By uniting under the global name ROCKWOOL, we can innovate, explore and develop new ways to do more for our customers and our planet.

What this change means for you

The world is big and the challenges seem great, but with unity comes strength. Now, with a truly global presence, we plan to build on our 80-year history by driving innovations that will enrich modern living.

Changes to make a positive impact for our planet:

Greater resources and shared knowledge means the challenges related to energy consumption, sustainability, water shortages and the need for safer cities, can be addressed more readily

A strengthened commitment to deliver product solutions, innovation and education to our customers enabling better, safer and more efficient building practices

Exploration of new applications for stone wool that can make a substantial difference to existing environmental challenges

Changes to make a positive impact for you:

A seemless transition to new ROCKWOOL branding on all product packaging, while ensuring that when you see us on the shelf, you'll still know it's us

A customized, relevant digital experience with access to advanced tools, online resources and expertise to help you with your design, build or project.

Continued investments in expanding production facilities to meet growing demands


Watch to WIN!

To learn more about this rebranding effort and win some exciting prizes, simply watch our ROCKWOOL brand video

Enter now!
The rebrand will… allow us to leverage our collective strengths to better serve both new and existing customers.

Trent Ogilvie

President - ROCKWOOL North America

Stone wool manufacturer ROXUL Inc. is now ROCKWOOL North America

Milton, ON (January 9, 2018) - ROXUL is now ROCKWOOL in North America. Effective January 1st, the company officially adopted the name of its global parent company: ROCKWOOL--the world's largest manufacturer of stone wool insulation.

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For years, I've been working with stone wool insulation, not only because it provides distinct advantages for the home, but because it's just smart for the homeowners. Now things are set to get even better!
It's great to see you making positive changes for the future.

Casey Cooper

I'm looking forward to continuing to work with you as you improve home construction.

Matt Muenster

Matt Muenster
New year. New name. New possibilities. Great work!

Mark Clement

This change is exciting!

Jeff Patterson

I'm looking forward to sharing in your rebrand excitement!

Dave Wilson

You've been making homes safer, quieter and more efficient for years.

Matt Risinger