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Proud to be in West Virginia

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During the past year, we’ve visited and explored the Panhandle. The welcome we’ve received has been inspiring. It’s become obvious – selecting West Virginia as our new home was the perfect choice.

ROCKWOOL is the world’s largest stone wool insulation manufacturer, and we’re proud to become part of this community.

The ROCKWOOL family is thrilled to build a brand-new, state-of-the-art facility in Ranson. It’s a $150 million investment, and it will expand our ability to meet the growing needs of our customers.

But it’s not just an investment in ROCKWOOL – it’s an investment in this community. Once we’re fully operational, the facility will employ about 150 folks from this region. That’s 150 new jobs. That’s a boost for the local economy. And it’s incredibly rewarding. 

Hear from Our Neighbors in Byhalia, MS and Milton, Ontario

Open House Materials

Documentation and presentations

We have compiled all of the materials that were located around our recent open houses. These items speak to many questions that were being asked in regards to water, air quality, construction and who we are.

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If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to us at ransonquestions@rockwool.com


Fact Sheets - FAQ's

We’re happy to answer your questions.

ROCKWOOL is committed to sharing information about this project with our new neighbors throughout the entire process.

Project Frequently Asked Questions

Company Fact Sheet

Permitting Fact Sheet

Project Fact Sheet

Project Timeline


West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection

WVDEP has created a Rockwool Facility project webpage dedicated to informing concerned citizens like yourself about the current status of this project. In addition to information about the VRP, this webpage includes information about the air permit, construction stormwater permit, and correspondence regarding the facility.

Sept. 18, 2018:  WV DEP statement confirming ROCKWOOL air permit meets strict state and federal standards that are protective of human health and the environment.

Governor Justice supports Rockwool development project

In his words, "Rockwool will provide West Virginia with another significant economic and jobs development project and I am in complete support of their efforts. This is good news as we continue to bring viable businesses to our state and keep moving forward. We are excited that Rockwool has chosen us as the location for this plant site.”

Safety Data Sheets

Safety data sheets (SDS or formerly MSDS) are required for all chemical substances handled in a workplace.  In fact, if your home was a company, it would likely require many dozens of SDS documents for any household cleaners, batteries, or fluids you have inside. As a company, we are required to get these documents from suppliers and keep SDS on materials we use.
The SDS also contains protective measures and safety precautions for handling, storing and transporting any chemical substances used.  We provide ample training and personal protective equipment to ensure containment of substances and the safety of our teams at the factory. The ROCKWOOL facility does not make any chemical reactions on site. Some commercially sensitive information not related to safety, such as suppliers, has been redacted.

A new chapter in Ranson

Just last year, we were known as ROXUL, and our products had always contributed to the energy efficiency of spaces. As of January 1, we are doing business as ROCKWOOL, and that legacy will continue. With the world’s energy consumption expected to rise 50% by 2050, we can address that trend with more sustainable solutions. It’s a bold leap forward and a major milestone in our 80-year history. Ranson is an important part of our future.

ROCKWOOL will continue to be the world’s leader in stone wool solutions. We will continue to deliver superior quality and performance. Our vision remains creating value for our customers as they address the challenges of modern living. Our commitment to delivering product solutions, innovation, education and market growth to our customers will be just as strong.

With the help of this community, we’ll strive to enrich the lives of those around us. 

We support local charities. 

Our insulation products may foster comfort and safety for buildings and people, but it’s our commitment to our communities that builds the strongest foundations.

Supporting causes that make a difference in our community is important to us.

ROCKWOOL recently sponsored the 8th annual Christmas for Charities, helping the Rotary Club of Charles Town give thousands of dollars to local charities. We’ve also supported the Ranson Tree Lighting Ceremony, which included the Fire Truck Train for kids.

And we are just getting started. 

We believe in protecting  the environment. 

ROCKWOOL’s products are environmentally sound, made with natural rock and recycled slag. Any production waste we create in our facilities is recycled – with no waste going to the landfill.

Recycling and waste reduction are vital pieces of our environmental policies, which also include reusing storm water in our manufacturing process, using the heat from our process to help heat the factory and warehouse, using motion sensor lighting, recycling all pallets and a no idling policy.

Our production line is fitted with state-of-the-art technologies that provide the most effective controls on plant emissions. While we are well within the EPA’s stringent guidelines, we are proud to consistently surpass air quality standards.

Construction site information

We’ve committed to being as transparent as possible with our new neighbors in Jefferson County. To that end, we confirm that we’ve been required by the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection (WV DEP) to upgrade and repair a handful of controls for minimizing erosion and sedimentation on the construction site. 

It is common for construction sites to need to make improvements based on DEP inspections.  However, we think it’s important to be transparent with our neighbors when improvements are needed. (see October 10 Facebook post)

ROCKWOOL WV DEP Notice Regarding Permit WVR108876

Do you have questions about our new Ranson, West Virginia facility?