Manufacturing jobs and employment for Jefferson County

With a record as a top employer that offers exceptional employee support and development, find out more about ROCKWOOL and the manufacturing jobs we’ve brought to your neighborhood.

People working together, doing their jobs, teamwork, plant operations at the production manufacturing factory facility in Milton, ON

Bringing new manufacturing jobs to Jefferson County

ROCKWOOL is proud to offer an attractive benefits package to all employees and a work environment where you can count on having managers who will support and empower you to grow and develop.

Working at ROCKWOOL

We are a market-leading global company with a proud 80-year history of creating well-paying jobs and being recognized as a top employer. At ROCKWOOL, we believe our success is built on a foundation of teamwork and that all employees excel when we create an atmosphere of trust, respect, communication, and support.

We are committed to West Virginia for the long-term, bringing job stability and security to workers employed at our new Ranson, West Virginia facility. In Ranson, at full production we will employ at least 150 people locally with approximately 80 percent of those positions in technician roles supporting the production line and 20 percent in leadership roles. Baseline salaries for these jobs will range from $38,000-$62,000 for technicians, $65,000- $90,000 for mechanics and electricians (skilled maintenance positions), and an average $100,000 per year for leadership and management positions.

In addition to the competitive base salary, all employees receive excellent benefits including health, dental, and vision coverage (of which the company pays up to 80 percent of the premium), as well as disability and life insurance. Employees can elect to receive coverage for their spouse and dependents. We are proud to offer a well-rounded benefits package which includes two-three weeks of paid vacation and a 401K matched up to six percent by ROCKWOOL. In total, the benefits package has a value of about $18,500.

ROCKWOOL provides access to courses, apprenticeships, and a range of in-house and online training programs and resources to support skills development and employee advancement. This allows entry-level staff, for example, to be strongly positioned for growth, and with excellent performance on the job, they may be eligible for promotions after just one-two years.

We also provide multiple programs as part of our commitment to long-term security of our employees, including: 

  • A hybrid vehicle incentive program 
  • Fitness reimbursement 
  • Education reimbursement via generous tuition subsidies for job-related courses 
  • Mentoring program (employees are eligible to participate after one year of service) 
  • Employee product purchase program 
  • Uniform program

Looking for more information about meaningful career opportunities with our team in Ranson? Download our Working at ROCKWOOL Fact Sheet.

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I think working at ROCKWOOL you’d be surprised. You probably wouldn’t expect the type of community that you’ll find, the type of opportunity that you’ll find. It’s changed my whole life.


Production Supervisor, ROCKWOOL
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Workplace culture

Our respectful culture means that you can be yourself and build your skills and competencies to the best of your ability. We pride ourselves on providing a people-driven and inclusive culture, with a commitment to recruiting and retaining the best talent while ensuring equal opportunities and non-discrimination. When you work with us you can count on managers who will trust and empower you to grow both professionally and personally.

You will have the opportunity to work on a variety of initiatives with passionate colleagues because at ROCKWOOL collaboration among our employees helps promote a stronger working environment and the sharing of best practices.

We believe that the foundation of sustainable communities is its people. ROCKWOOL is proud to foster a positive environment and empower a workforce that delivers solutions aimed at enhancing modern living for people and the planet. Our track record of success in fostering entrepreneurial thinking in a positive workplace culture has earned our Milton facility multiple top employer awards

Every day, we are developing and applying new technologies in our production process to leverage the power of stone wool in building a more sustainable future. Our products help save energy, reduce emissions and waste, and improve building performance.

Along with sustainable solutions, health and safety are at the core of our operations. Safety culture at ROCKWOOL starts with our factory leaders and team members developing best practices and ensuring that we deliver extensive training to create the safest workplace environment possible for our employees. But perhaps the most important safety factor of all at ROCKWOOL is the communication, cooperation and sense of teamwork among our employees.

As a result, we continually invest in industry-leading practices and processes. This includes the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility right here in Ranson and training programs to ensure our workforce is set up for success to deliver high-quality standards across all positions. Take a tour of manufacturing at ROCKWOOL by watching our plant tour video below.

Job Applications

Interested in a role with ROCKWOOL?

If you have a positive attitude and are looking to be a part of an organization that delivers solutions to enhance modern living for people and the planet look no further.

ROCKWOOL Ranson, Jefferson County, West Virginia final rendering of factory scheduled to open 2020

Advanced Manufacturing Factory Tour

We’re proud of the efficiency and productivity of our manufacturing facilities. They offer a unique combination of state-of-the-art technology and equipment, and people working together to ensure the highest product quality.

What I like most is the work environment. ROCKWOOL demonstrates a safe and healthy work environment for its entire workforce at every level of the organization. The passion and commitment of its people are evident throughout, as every department strives to be successful. The success is seen in all aspects of the organization through annual growth, new and innovative product offerings, productivity and customer satisfaction. At the end of each day, I am proud to say I work for ROCKWOOL.

Andrew Avgousti

Director of Operations

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

At ROCKWOOL, corporate social responsibility is an integral part of who we are. Our facility in Ranson, WV is part of an organization where corporate social responsibility starts at the top and involves everyone. While our products help improve people’s living conditions by giving them thermal and acoustic comfort as well as increased fire resilience, we also have a continued focus on our social responsibility

We aim to be a responsible corporate citizen within each of our local communities and the global environment. This is a commitment that began at ROCKWOOL in the 1950s, well before corporate social responsibility became fashionable. Today, this commitment is at the heart of who we are and our values as an organization.

Examples of our corporate social responsibility initiatives in Jefferson County range from supporting Jefferson County Community Ministries, to donating to Kidz Power Pacs, and a partnership with both the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce and the Jefferson County Fire and Rescue Association.

Should a strong social conscience be an important part of what you look for in an organization then why not think about a career with ROCKWOOL? Corporate responsibility is in our DNA. To learn more, download our Corporate Social Responsibility Fact Sheet

Jefferson-County-Fire and Rescue Association-Rockwool-corporate citizenship and responsibility in Ranson, West Virginia
Being a good corporate neighbor is very important to me and I was very pleased when I became a part of this ROCKWOOL team to see that ROCKWOOL is out there amongst the community being socially active.


General Operator, ROCKWOOL
Everyone I spoke with praised ROCKWOOL for being good neighbors and community members. I also learned that Marshall County is an active and thriving community and businesses and people continue to locate there.

Patsy Noland

Commissioner, JCC
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Who is ROCKWOOL and what is stone wool insulation?

Founded as a family business, ROCKWOOL has always been committed to strengthening the communities of which we are a part. Today, we are the world’s leading manufacturer of stone wool insulation. Find out about our company history, North American presence, and leadership in the field of fire safety.


Community and Economic Impact

We seek to make a positive impact in the City of Ranson and more broadly in Jefferson County, West Virginia.

By building our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Ranson, we are committing to making a long-term and positive impact on the economy of Jefferson County. The $218 million investment includes $64 million in payroll and $4 million in taxes over the first 10 years, in addition to the community support we have already started to provide through partnerships with local organizations.



At ROCKWOOL, sustainability is always top of mind.

While manufacturing any product requires using resources, we are focused on ensuring our products leave the smallest footprint possible during production while delivering the biggest benefit during their use. To accomplish this, we have committed to several UN Sustainable Development Goals and are proud to say that during the lifetime of its use, the building insulation we sold in 2018 will save 100 times the carbon emitted in its production.


Factory Operations and Production

Interested in how the day-to-day operations of our facilities and how our stone wool insulation is made?

ROCKWOOL’s new manufacturing facility will produce stone wool insulation for residential, commercial, and industrial uses. Stone wool is a natural product made mostly from volcanic rocks, which are supplemented with recycled mineral wool and slag from the steel industry during production. Get an inside look at our facilities and how insulation is made.



We're protecting the local environment during construction and operations of our manufacturing facility in Ranson.

We have an unbreakable commitment to meeting and exceeding the environmental protection standards set by government and regulators wherever we operate globally, and our facility in WV will be no different. This includes limits established to protect the health of sensitive populations such as children, the elderly and asthmatics, and we continue to invest in state-of-the-art abatement technologies to further reduce any impact.


Construction and Permitting

We're driving investment in infrastructure to attract more business and development for the years to come.

All permits that have been obtained to date for the Ranson facility have been done in accordance with local, state, and federal laws and regulations. We’ve also outlined the site selection process, progress of the development project, and safety procedures that are in place during the construction process.