Business and service vendor opportunities: ROCKWOOL sources licensed local supplier partners to support our new manufacturing facility in Ranson, West Virginia

ROCKWOOL is dedicated to building supplier relationships and sourcing services and products from businesses across Jefferson County and the region.

We believe in supporting shared progress and nurturing open, lasting relationships within the neighborhoods in which we operate.

For many years, we have worked hard to build strong, long-term relations with our suppliers in our other North American markets of Milton, Ontario, Grand Forks, British Columbia, and Marshall County, Mississippi, through mutual trust and partnership.

When you think about building material manufacturing, you might picture our line operators, warehouse workers, and industrial engineers, but there’s so much more.

Those workers are one very important part of the equation, but it takes a team of employees alongside a reliable and high-quality vendor supplier network to ensure the operations of our manufacturing facility.

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Small business owners and operator working on tax - vendor / supplier relationship
When [ROCKWOOL] first built [in Mississippi], we were a new restaurant and they let us go in there and do a catering job with them that really helped us out tremendously starting out.

Tyler Clancy

Owner/Chef, Clancy’s Cafe

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