ROCKWOOL Ranson, West Virginia

The Jefferson County insulation facility will bring new jobs and meaningful career opportunities, community investment, and a commitment to environmental stewardship in the region.

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A history of community partnership and responsible environmental practices

The City of Ranson Jefferson County, West Virginia was one of 50 areas in 10 states considered as a location to build our insulation manufacturing facility in the United States. Ranson’s proposal was ultimately selected as our home to build this facility.

The Jefferson County facility is scheduled to open in fall 2020 and will be home to our second stone wool insulation manufacturing plant in the United States, following the facility in Marshall County, Mississippi which opened in 2014.

ROCKWOOL has operated in North America for more than 30 years and 80+ years globally, with a consistent track record of safeguarding the safety, health, and wellbeing of citizens in the communities living by the 45 facilities where we already operate. In addition to the location in Mississippi, we operate two other North American factories in Canada – located in Milton, Ontario and Grand Forks, British Columbia.

The new factory in Ranson (Jefferson County) will serve customers on the eastern seaboard and represents an investment of $150 million dollars, creating 150 new jobs. In addition to positions at our facility, a similar number of indirect jobs will be created as we build supplier relationships and locally source services and products. When combined with taxes paid and payroll for our staff members, we project that $218 million will be injected into the local economy over the first 10 years of operation.

The facility will be constructed on a 130-acre site and many community members have told us that the plant will be a benefit to the people of Jefferson County, bringing well-paying jobs that are close to home, an increase in positive downstream economic activity, additional tax dollars to support municipal programs, and best-in-class environmental performance.

We are investing in the future of Jefferson County. Learn about our commitment to community investment and sustainable production by downloading our ROCKWOOL Community Brochure.

People working together, doing their jobs, teamwork, plant operations at the production manufacturing factory facility in Milton, ON

Manufacturing and production job opportunities at ROCKWOOL

In Ranson, we have jobs in operations, engineering, maintenance and trades, and site leadership.

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Information and resources about our factory project in Ranson, West Virginia

Investing in a new production facility is part of a long-term investment in a community. As we begin to create lasting relationships within Jefferson County, we strive to be open and transparent with residents, business owners and other stakeholders of the community. We developed this project website so that you have an accessible source of factual information about our new facility.

People working together, doing their jobs, teamwork, plant operations at the production manufacturing factory facility in Milton, ON
ROCKWOOL West Virginia

Job opportunities

We are proud to be bringing 150 new manufacturing jobs to Ranson that will provide local workers the opportunity to build meaningful careers in manufacturing a product that is used worldwide to create safe and more sustainable living environments. At ROCKWOOL, we offer employees an attractive benefits package, investments in learning and development, and a supportive workplace culture.

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Aerial view Harpers Ferry, west virginia national park
ROCKWOOL West Virginia

Community support, involvement, and economic impact

By building our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Ranson, we are committing to making a long-term and positive impact on the economy of Jefferson County. The $218 million investment includes $64 million in payroll and $4 million in taxes over the first 10 years, in addition to the community support we have already started to provide through partnerships with local organizations.

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Waitress talking on the phone at a restaurant - vendor / supplier relationship
ROCKWOOL West Virginia

Vendor and supplier application

We are seeking to build relationships with suppliers, vendors, and service partners from across Jefferson County and the region. Depending on the service, we may be looking for full-time or seasonal support for the facility in Ranson, West Virginia.

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The nature of Jefferson County, West Virginia including Harpers Ferry - environment, hiking, view of the surrounding towns
ROCKWOOL West Virginia

Sustainable manufacturing in Jefferson County

While manufacturing any product requires using resources, we are focused on ensuring our products leave the smallest footprint possible during production while delivering the biggest benefit during their use. To accomplish this, we have committed to several UN Sustainable Development Goals and are proud to say that during the lifetime of its use, the building insulation we sold in 2018 will save 100 times the carbon emitted in its production.

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People working together, doing their jobs, teamwork, plant operations at the production manufacturing factory facility in Milton, ON
ROCKWOOL West Virginia

Factory operations and production

ROCKWOOL’s new manufacturing facility will produce stone wool insulation for residential, commercial, and industrial uses. Stone wool is a natural product made mostly from volcanic rocks, which are supplemented with recycled mineral wool and slag from the steel industry during production. Get an inside look at our facilities and how insulation is made.

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RAN5: Ranson, WV facility and site construction progress update as of June 2019.
ROCKWOOL West Virginia

Construction and permitting

All permits that have been obtained to date for the Ranson facility have been done in accordance with local, state, and federal laws and regulations. We’ve also outlined the site selection process, progress of the development project, and safety procedures that are in place during the construction process.

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Harpers Ferry, Jefferson County, West Virginia
ROCKWOOL West Virginia

Respecting the local environment in Jefferson County

We have an unbreakable commitment to meeting and exceeding the environmental protection standards set by government and regulators wherever we operate globally, and our facility in WV will be no different. This includes limits established to protect the health of sensitive populations such as children, the elderly and asthmatics, and we continue to invest in state-of-the-art abatement technologies to further reduce any impact.

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ROCKWOOL West Virginia
19 Oct 2018

About us

Founded as a family business, ROCKWOOL has always been committed to strengthening the communities of which we are a part. Today, we are the world’s leading manufacturer of stone wool insulation. Find out about our company history, North American presence, and leadership in the field of fire safety.

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Making a positive impact in the community

See for yourself what residents, business owners and community stakeholders around our other factories in North America have said about being neighbors with ROCKWOOL.

Byhalia community photo
We're very happy that ROCKWOOL is in our community. They’ve been a great corporate citizen. The leadership from the corporate level to the local plant manager and team have been exceptional to work with. They have strived to make a mark in Marshall County and in the region. They’ve done a very good job of hiring local employees.

Justin Hall

Executive Director, Marshall County Industrial Development Authority

Our commitment

For ROCKWOOL, building a factory is anything but a short-term investment.

Following a thorough and rigorous vetting process of potential locations, after a site is chosen, the company focuses on making a significant, positive and enduring economic impact in that community.