Tradesman Advice: How to win more work as a tradesman

09 May 2019

If you are looking to win more work as a tradesman, here are some tips and advice that can help generate new business for you.

Utility Wise project - Installer carrying ROCKWOOL insulation on shoulder

The home improvement market is booming… the number of homeowners choosing to improve their homes rather than move has increased fivefold since 2013… and the even better news is… most of these renovation projects need support from a professional tradesman. 

While the opportunities are plentiful, this doesn’t change the fact that potential customers are faced with a lot of choice when deciding who to use as their preferred tradesman. When it comes to winning more work, there are a few top tips that can help you to become more attractive as a local business – without having to always compete on price. 


Top tips for winning more work 

From sole traders to small businesses, understanding how to win more work as a tradesman can make the difference between thriving or surviving. Potential customers will often seek word of mouth referrals from friends and family who have completed similar works, so our top tips for winning more work naturally start with helping you to secure positive customer reviews and increase the likelihood of word of mouth referrals. You know what makes a great renovation job, but here are some killer cheats that will make winning more work that little bit easier. 


1) Simplifying installation – juggling multiple projects at once can be tough, so working with materials that are easy to handle and fit on-site can save you valuable time. Moving from rigid insulation to stone wool materials will be much quicker to fit – helping you keep to programme and make the customer happy. 

2) Reducing the risk of snagging – by using the right product for the job you’ll create a much better customer experience. If they’re looking to create a quieter and more comfortable environment, source materials that are guaranteed to deliver exactly this. 

3) Creating a dream home – if you can identify what will deliver a perfect home for your customer, you’ll literally be able to make their dreams come true. And when it comes to using insulation to improve living standards, the choice of product can make a real difference. Use insulation that supports a peaceful and comfortable environment and you’ll fast become known as the tradesman that can transform a house into an ideal home. 

4) Promoting your credentials – if you’re authorised and regulated by a recognised industry body and have tradesman insurance, make sure you promote this in your marketing materials. These give potential customers increased confidence in choosing you – even if you were recommended by word of mouth from family and friends. 


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