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Stone wool insulation is made from basalt rock, a resource naturally replenished by the  Earth. For decades, we’ve been harnessing six unique and innate qualities of stone,  creating products that are non-combustible, thermally efficient, sound absorbent, moisture resistant, durable and recyclable. 

The ROCKWOOL Trade Range has a proven-to-perform, easy-to-fit product for a wide range of applications in a home.  

You’ll find solutions ideal for residential thermal applications such as extensions, loft conversions, and sound insulation for home offices, bedrooms, and TV and gaming rooms.  


ROCKWOOL stone wool is made from volcanic basalt rock that is inherently non-combustible. This means our insulation can withstand temperatures in excess of 1000°C and, if exposed to flames, will not fuel or spread a fire, nor contribute significant amounts of toxic smoke.

Thermal performance  

Our stone wool insulation traps air in its structure, making it effective at creating an optimal temperature in the home, whatever the weather is doing outside.  ROCKWOOL insulation keeps houses warm in the winter and cool in the summer,  so homes are always a comfortable place to be.  

Acoustic performance  

Stone wool insulation reduces noise transmission thanks to its open porous structure that traps sound waves. Suitable for both external and internal walls,  it can limit noise from outside, but also between spaces.  

Fast to install  

We’ve designed our products with ease and speed in mind. All rolls and slabs in our Trade Range are quick and easy to cut, shape and fit, plus handy features such as pre-split rolls make installation simple. Sound Slab features a flexible edge for fast friction fitting without gaps or fixings. 

Built to last  

In tests on materials from real-life construction sites, ROCKWOOL stone wool has been shown to retain its insulating properties for more than 65 years without a drop in  performance*. What’s more, it doesn’t attract water or encourage the growth of mould, fungi or bacteria.  

*Testing conducted at the Danish Technological Institute in 2023 using ROCKWOOL products taken from an external wall system.  

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