Compliance without compromise: Ventilated Facades

With literally thousands of material, texture and colour combinations available, Rainscreen Cladding and External Wall Systems offer designers increased flexibility and the freedom to design bespoke systems for clients and building owners.

Collyhurst houses, Manchester, Rockpanel chameleon. Only B2 fire rated boards

Modern methods of construction, like ventilated Rainscreen Systems, are becoming increasingly popular and often replace more traditional building techniques.

A combination of innovative construction methods and a stronger demand for improved thermal performance has resulted in an increase in the amount of thermal insulation used within cladding systems.

Many of the thermal insulation products that are used within Rainscreen Systems are combustible, and this means that the potential combustible fire load within the system can significantly increase.

To summarise and simplify the various regulations, standards and routes to compliance that can be found within a number of guidance documents, ROCKWOOL has developed a selection of supporting material to provide further guidance on the design of fire safe external wall systems in buildings above 18 metres. Links can be found on the right hand side of the page.