Acoustic solutions for entertainment venues

Let's discuss entertainment venues, and how the correct insulation products can provide the right experiences for visitors in this blog.

For any entertainment venues, acoustics are of utmost importance.

Olympic Park Stadium, Acoustic Capabilities

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Visiting a cinema and not being able to enjoy the film as you can hear noise from outside, attending a music concert and being distracted by traffic noise, and sitting at a sporting event and not being able to enjoy the atmosphere due to the sound disappearing through the roof, is not acceptable.

However, if the venue hasn’t been insulated correctly, this can be the reality.

For those responsible for renovating existing or constructing new buildings of this type, achieving the highest standards of acoustic performance is a clear objective.

The insulation needs to tackle two issues – prevent outside noise filtering into the venue, and effectively retain and reflect crowd noise within the venue.


Products in Practice

The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park main stadium, the centrepiece for many memorable moments of the London 2012 Olympic Games, was looking forward to a new future as the permanent home of Premier League football club, West Ham United. West Ham’s 99 year tenancy, running from 2016, was granted on the proviso that the Stadium was modified to suit its new tenant’s needs. This included extending and upgrading the roof system to cover increased seating capacity.

The primary purpose of the new roof was to provide all-weather shelter over a new area of retractable seating which is installed and removed over the running track in order to meet different capacity and functional requirements. 

Acoustic performance has played a crucial role in the design of the new roof. Building Envelope contractor, Lakesmere was tasked with ensuring that the new roof counteracted the risk of noise break out to the surrounding areas from the stadium whilst enhancing the clarity and intelligibility of PA systems. Couple these demands with delivering an outstanding spectator experience the roof had to retain and reflect crowd noise within the Stadium.

Lakesmere specified and installed an acoustically insulated membrane roof, featuring ROCKWOOL HARDROCK® Multi-Fix (DD) and ROCKWOOL Acoustic Infills. 

As a versatile flat roof board solution which carries exceptional acoustic and fire resistance properties, ROCKWOOL HARDROCK® Multi-Fix (DD) was the go to product for this prestigious project. Perfectly suited to this type of steel deck application, the product can be securely installed within mechanically fixed systems with just a single fixing. It also provides excellent acoustic performance, managing airborne sound levels and controlling sound reverberation without the need for any additional layers, saving time and costs.

Prior to its installation and supply, Lakesmere carried out specific acoustic testing at the SRL Technical Services to ensure the product met all specific acoustic requirements and used approximately 27,000m2 of 50mm HARDROCK® Multi-Fix (DD) plus 96,000 linear metres of ROCKWOOL Acoustic Infills on the project. Designed and tested for use within ROCKWOOL HARDROCK® roof systems, these trapezoidal shaped infills provided a combination of optimised density, fibre direction and excellent fit to satisfy the required levels of sound absorption.

“ROCKWOOL proved very supportive during the pre-installation testing and provided all the materials necessary to assess product suitability,” says John Bosley, Project Manager at Lakesmere. “With a project of this size and stature, it was essential that the roof insulation delivered on the required acoustic performance. As an added bonus, the ROCKWOOL solution has also been quick and easy to install and offers a very reliable, long lasting solution.”

With acoustic performance critical to the success of this high profile Stadium renovation, ROCKWOOL’s solution helped deliver against the challenging acoustic requirements whilst creating an unforgettable spectator atmosphere at every event.