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Acoustic Solutions

Acoustic Calculations

To end our Acoustic blog series that focused on the importance of sound insulation in flat conversions, we now look at the ROCKWOOL Acoustic calculation tool available to you to support your project planning phase.

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Acoustic Solutions

Acoustic Solutions for entertainment venues

Let's discuss entertainment venues, and how the correct insulation products can provide the right experiences for visitors in this blog. For any entertainment venues, acoustics are of utmost importance.

Acoustic Solutions

Acoustics matter in schools

As we are becoming more sensitive about the intrusion of noise in our everyday lives, we will be looking at the different scenarios where proper soundproofing can make a real difference. In part one of this four part series, we focus on acoustic in schools.

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Fire Safety

Compliance without compromise: Ventilated Facades

With literally thousands of material, texture and colour combinations available, Rainscreen Cladding and External Wall Systems offer designers increased flexibility and the freedom to design bespoke systems for clients and building owners.

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Acoustic Solutions

Complying to Acoustic Regulations

This week our focus is around the conversion of houses into flats. Last week, we discussed the increase in this type of construction, and the impact that noise can have on the standard of living. Now, we turn our attention to the regulations around unwanted noise.

Fire Safety

Complying with BR135 with RAINSCREEN DUO SLAB®

Rainscreen cladding in buildings over 18 metres in height, present various challenges in complying with insulation requirements and fire safety standards. Proximity to neighbouring buildings, provision of access for fire fighters, occupancy of the building and use of the building are some of the key factors to be considered in these types of buildings.

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