ROCKWOOL R‑Class is our premium partnership program for builders who demand more.

It’s a community for those who take great pride in their craft and are always looking to learn about better materials and installation techniques that will ensure their homes are comfortable, beautiful, efficient and built to last. When you join the R‑Class, you’ll receive support and training by our team of residential building pros, samples, potential rebate savings and more. ROCKWOOL high-performance stone wool is in a class of its own — and so are the builders who make up the R‑Class.
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High Performance Building using Comfortboard® 80

Mid-Rise Wood Frame Buildings

ROCKWOOL insulation products provide a number of sustainable solutions best-suited for your mid-rise wood frame building project.

There are several factors that designers take into consideration when designing mid-rise wood frame buildings.

Building performance must be considered in combination with requirements such as fire safety, structural systems, acoustics and energy efficiency.

ROCKWOOL is dedicated to not only providing high performance solutions through our extensive product offering but providing the knowledge and tools needed to determine an optimal design solution and maximize your building goals.

Product Documentation

Helpful brochures and installation guides:

Comfortboard®80 Non-Structural Sheathing Continuous Insulation - Techdata

ROCKWOOL Comfortboard® 80 is a rigid stone wool continuous insulation board used as a non-structural sheathing product in residential construction.

It is designed to provide increased thermal performance to the building envelope. Installing Comfortboard® 80 as continuous insulation with our ROCKWOOL Comfortbatt® as the wall cavity insulation contributes to a higher effective R-value wall system. 

ComfortBoard 80 Installation Guide - Technical Guide

This Single Family Residential Builder’s Guide covers the use of ROCKWOOL Comfortboard® 80 within a splitinsulation or exterior insulation wall assembly.

Cladding Attachment Solutions For Exterior Insulated Commercial Walls

The use of exterior insulation installed outboard of wall sheathing is becoming increasingly common across North America to meet new energy code requirements.

Commonly referred to as exterior insulation, this insulation is installed continuously on the outside of the primary structure and is typically more thermally efficient than insulation placed between studs or inboard of the structural system, provided that thermally efficient cladding attachments are used. 

CAVITYROCK Builders Guide - Technical Guide

This ROCKWOOL CAVITYROCK® Commercial New Construction Builder’s Guide covers the use of CAVITYROCK® within exterior and split insulated wall assemblies for non-combustible steel framed and concrete buildings. 


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