Hybrid Insulation Systems to meet your needs:

Coverboard Redefined

ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation roof boards used as an insulating coverboard over other insulations in a Hybrid Roof System improves performance by regulating the temperature of the thermal insulation across various temperatures. In fact, just one layer improves the performance of the entire assembly providing longer  lasting energy performance ultimately saving money.

Fast and easy to use, it’s also fewer steps to get a good job done.

multifix install

Double-duty with dual density

ROCKWOOL has pioneered innovative Dual Density technology through a specialized manufacturing process. Comprising a high-density outer layer and a lower-density sub-layer, Dual Density products such as ROCKWOOL TOPROCK® DD provide compressive resistance, excellent sound absorbency and many other benefits for different applications. 

Dual Density Roof Roofing photo

ROCKWOOL Multifix™ 

Contractors and building operators are under pressure to deliver on time and on budget.

Build a better low-slope roof.


Multifix Board Render

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