Fire Resistant & Non-combustible

ROCKWOOL insulating roof boards are rated non-combustible, producing zero flame and zero smoke. We are an integral part of UL and FM fire-rated roof assemblies to protect buildings both inside and out.

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Superior Acoustic Properties

ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation roof boards’ omni-directional fiber orientation is specifically designed to reduce sound transfer. Enjoy interior design freedom with above-deck roof assemblies that allow for open interior ceilings and spaces.

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Exceptional dimensional stability and rated for extreme hail, ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation roof boards have meet both the FM severe hail and the UL 2218A standard for impact resistance. Not only do we withstand hail damage, but our roof boards maintain their bond to the roof membrane, lowering the likelihood of a catastrophic roof failure.

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 Rated for Extreme Hail

Thermal Properties

ROCKWOOL insulating roof boards offer warranties long-term thermal performance. No matter the climate zone, ROCKWOOL stone wool does not shrink and does not lose its R-value – From install to reroof.

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Introducing a stone wool roofing insulation and coverboard in one.

ROCKWOOL MULTIFIX™ reduces the number of layers required while improving the performance of your entire assembly.

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Double-duty with dual density

ROCKWOOL has pioneered innovative Dual Density technology through a specialized manufacturing process. Comprised of a high-density outer layer and a lower-density sub-layer, Dual Density products provide compressive resistance, excellent sound absorbency and many other benefits for different applications. 

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