The Ritz Carlton

Located in the heart of the City of Toronto, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel and Condominium is an upscale establishment that lives up to its name. Completed in February 2011, this 53 floor postmodern building epitomizes quality both inside the walls and out.

Benefits of ROCKWOOL Insulation

ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation has a long term stable R-value, is dimensionally stable, non-combustible, water repellent, non-corrosive, sound absorbent, will not promote fungi growth and is environmentally sustainable. ROCKWOOL is pleased to have third-party certification of our products’ recycled content for our Milton facility completed by ICC -ES SAVETM. All ROCKWOOL products produced in the Milton facility contain a minimum of 40% recycled content. ROCKWOOL products produced in our Grand Forks facility are currently awaiting ICC -ES SAVETM certification.

Project Location

Toronto, ON

We rely on ROCKWOOL not only for their consistent product quality, ready delivery and competitive pricing, but also for their superior technical expertise.


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CURTAINROCK® is a lightweight, semi-rigid stone wool insulation board designed for curtain wall systems.

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ROXUL SAFETM is a lightweight, semi-rigid stone wool insulation and is UL and Intertek approved as a forming material for numerous fire stop systems. It is designed to fill perimeter gaps between concrete floor slabs and exterior wall systems, between fire walls and ceiling slabs and around conduit pipes and duct openings through walls and floor slabs. SAFETM is always used in conjunction with a fire sealant to prevent passage of fire and smoke from one floor to the next.

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AFB® is a light weight, semi rigid batt insulation specifically designed for steel stud interior wall and floor applications due to its superior sound absorbency and fire protection.

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FABROCKTM LT is designed to insulate surfaces that require lasting thermal performance in moisture intense environments. In this application it was used to insulate the columns and beams.

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ROCKBOARD® PG insulation is designed specifically for parking garage applications. ROCKBOARD® PG improves energy efficiency by insulating this part of the building envelope and features a reflective white polypropylene facing which brightens the space helping to reduce lighting investment costs by decreasing the amount of lights needed in this part of the building.

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