Roof Insulation

Stone wool roof boards provide added fire resistance and dimensional stability to the roof system for added resiliency and longevity.

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Insulating a roof is an effective way to minimise heat loss and reduce heating bills.

Stone wool insulation will deliver multiple benefits including thermal, fire and sound protection for low-slope, steep slope and metal roofing.

Not your average insulation

Double-duty with dual density

All ROCKWOOL roof boards combine a robust high-density upper layer with a light density lower layer for the performance of a thermal insulation and coverboard all-in-one. Reduce layers and maintain thermal performance and resiliency in one step.

ETICS, external walls, dual density slab

ROCKWOOL Stone Wool insulating roof boards – a comprehensive thermal, sound and fire safe solution

Our environment is changing – Urban centers are growing, extreme weather systems are more frequent, wildfire urban interface zones are expanding, and there is demand for greater performance of a buildings thermal envelope. ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation rises to these challenges, providing superior acoustic absorption, robustness that withstands severe hail, non-combustibility to protect and maintain the building envelop, and consistent thermal performance that can be counted on for the life for product. Harness the power of stone and meet the challenges of modern living.

Introducing a stone wool roofing insulation and coverboard in one.

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