SHEQ Manager

This position is based out of the Ranson factory in West Virginia.

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What are the day-to-day responsibilities of this role?

The SHEQ Manager is responsible for Health & Safety, Environmental and Quality standards on site and ensuring compliance with regulatory obligations and company policies. In this role, you will help to grow site capability through effective coaching and feedback, and empower the team by growing autonomy. In addition, below is a more detailed outline of the requirements:

  • US and WV regulations and permitting: establish a strategy and methods for compliance.
  • Environmental management system: establish and implement SHE management system including implementation and conformance to Group MMR’s and guidelines.
  • Sustainability goals: drive sustainability goal setting, establish sustainability team, support projects, set up systems to monitor CO2/energy, water, and waste impacts and improvements.
  • Health and safety system: establish and maintain a safety culture at the facility inclusive of a sustainable management system compliant with company and OSHA standards.
  • Quality system: establish and maintain a quality system for the facility and hold responsibility for appropriate records.
  • Start-up activities:
    • Training in processes, air abatement systems, water and waste systems
    • Air permit overview: limits, BACT/regulation, and monitoring
    • Planning of performance and compliance tests with consultants
    • Ensure set up of process set point records and reporting
    • Environmental data system (DAS) for transfer of data from CEMS (AMS) for reporting to WVDEP
    • Stormwater permit including management/monitoring plans (SWPPP, SCC, GPP)
    • Maintenance plans for environmental equipment – in cooperation with MAI Dept.
    • Development of Health and Safety processes and policies for the facility
    • Ensure first aid team is trained and in place
  • Build a culture of continuous improvement in safe work practices at the factory.
  • Ensure that safety groups are organized and trained to perform the job.
  • Management and development of safety for the factory.
  • Assist in implementation and right to use of the quality marks/certificates of finished products and of the health certificates for the product. 
  • Follow up on all product quality claims received through the customer service department per the quality manual and internal process.
  • Keep updated the database of product quality data and the product master data of the SAP database.
  • Manage the facility quality laboratory.
  • Full responsibility for all audits and quality assurance.
  • Ensure that all measurement instruments are calibrated per requirement set up by the certifying bodies.
  • Daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports.
  • Act as fire officer on site and ensure all inspections, training, audits, and coordination with management, employees and outside partners are completed.
  • Responsible for managing external security company and access control to the factory at all times.

What skills are we looking for in applicants?

  • Bachelor’s Degree in relevant field
  • 10 years of Professional Experience in the Environmental field
  • Robust understanding of Federal and State regulations associated with Environmental, Health and Safety.
  • Good organizational and analytical skills
  • Good written and verbal communication skills and attention to detail
  • Demonstrated problem-solving and troubleshooting skills
  • Demonstrated ability on accuracy and data integrity
  • Communication at all levels; operators to top management
  • Stakeholder management for local community, neighbors, and organizations
  • Networking with manufacturing industries in WV Eastern Panhandle, neighbor counties and WV.
  • Manage consultants; scope and economy
  • Coordination with Group functions and RW-NA peers incl. networking with SHE managers and Quality managers in Group
People working together, doing their jobs, teamwork, plant operations at the production manufacturing factory facility in Milton, ON

Environmental Manager

Lead environmental compliance for the Ranson, WV facility with local, state, and federal laws.

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